Best pvp???


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Best pvp???

Im trying to make a pvp sorc, but im not sure how to build it... Because of the new things in the new patch im kind of confused.

Im thinking of making a light sorc, but I have heard that it sux…

So I need guidance… =)

Which is the best pvp build?


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IMO Blizzard is the best pvp skill. I've seen a few lightning sorcs with top end stuff and they definately dont suck but I would'nt say they come close to a good bliz sorc.

It really comes down to what gear you can afford but if you can afford the good stuff I reccomend getting hold of ormus and nightwings etc...
Facet your stuff, get lots of faster cast and learn the art of..

tele tele bliz tele tele bliz :p

don't get hit and you should be doing great.

However if you really wan't a lightning sorc go pure synergy get eschutas + 3 skill 20% lightning, ormus lightning 15%, shako and other standard gear facet it all and start zapping.

Hope this helps.



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Orb/TS. Its da bomb : D

BLizz is nice if you want. Better for MFin than pk, IMO :D

Pmsg me if you like and I can send you my entire FO/TS sorc guide. Just finished it up. Includes patch synergies part, whole gear setup (whats ideal, whats mediocre, etc), TRIED and TRUE dueling guide (for almost every class, including new 1.10 builds), guide for leveling from 1-99 (skills only, no stats YET), etc.

I'd like an opinion, so if you would like to critique it, just msg me and I will send it to you. :)

Have fun.