best PvM trapsin GEAR


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best PvM trapsin GEAR

alright guys.. make an outline of the best PvM trapsin gear available. i need it ^__^


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i can tell you what mine uses. not sure if its the best or not.
2sin/100life/30res/30ias [i think shako would work nice but i wanted res]
2sin/3ls/1soc Claws, 1 has base 30ias, so i put a 15/15 in it for more RES/ias.
Magefist to Help Fireblast, and FCR
i switch between Dungos/Spider [dont ask why, i like the life boost... =)]
SandTreks. boots.
anni/torch/ and i got 5-6 gcs, i do about 12k traps. and when i have my merc up i can clear Hell Fairly easy, only got 41/41/52/75 res tho, so im still workin on her.
i also am maxing Fireblast to help with immunes.

not sure if this is helpful or not, but its my 2 cents. =]