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best pvm/pvp bow setup

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by alexho, May 29, 2008.

  1. alexho

    alexho IncGamers Member

    May 29, 2008
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    best pvm/pvp bow setup

    [bow amazon build]
    [bow skills]
    MAGIC ARROW=1 preq
    CA=1 preq
    MS=10-15, (>15 waste shooting air?)
    GA=20 single targets
    STRAFE=20 (boss killing? small packs)
    [passive skills]
    INNER SIGHT=1 preq
    VALKYRIE=10-20 (MAIN TANK 10pts=1200-1400 level 20 has 1000 more life)

    PIERCE=5+ (allow for multiple hits)

    so overall i'd want to make a bow build able to handle almost anything thrown at it including pvp, but still be a mainly bow and arrow shooter or crossbow. not quite sure about hybrid between bow/jav ive seen some guides on that. I like guidedarrow but taking down immunes might suck so not quite sure where to spend points for this zon build. strafe would be the best at killing bosses as a bow skill when ar is pumped high? for immunes the most viable in this builds situations could be to buff up on elemental damage charms and bows i suppose, maybe this is just a dumm build to try to encompass pvp with guided, instead i put 1pt in guided for stronger passive skills.. :smiley: thanks

    --really what im debating is getting the maxed guided or put 1 into it and have more into passive skills, this zon can do ubers
    so i suppose all it does it take time and patience to take anything down :D
    Last edited: May 29, 2008

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