Best places(drops) for Set Items?


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Best places(drops) for Set Items?

Ok I hope I am not the 1000th person ask this....What are the best locations or monsters to get set items. I would have to say by experience in the game that they are freeking hard to get. Any help would be great. I have the MF charts so I am off to see if they work for me! Oh, glad to be a neby here,


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I have found Full Mavinas, Most of IK set (-1 part), Most of Trangs (-1 part), doing pit runs. Not to mention a bunch of other items. Keep doin um and you will get some nice stuff.


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Your question cannot be answered. A set item can drop in Blood Moor just as it can drop in Throne of Destruction. Why? It's simple. The only thing that changes in drops depending on the monster you kill is the TC Class. When you kill a monster, the game picks let's say 3 random TC Classes and drops them. Then, in each of the TC Classes it chooses an item. Then, it sees whether the item will be a Unique, Set, Rare, Magic or Normal, depending on your MF and the monster's chances of dropping magical items (Act bosses always drop Magical items- your MF is more effective, and champions and superunique monsters drop better than normal monsters, quality-wise (Unique, Set, etc.))

I kill a Zombie
1. TC Class 48 (I'm just giving a random example)
2. Bone Knife
3. Rolls for Unique: Successful: Wizardspike

I kill a Dung Soldier
1. TC Class RING
2. Rolls for Unique: Missed
3. Rolls for Set: Successful
4. Pick a random Set Ring since there are more than one: Cathan's Seal

I kill a Minion of Destruction
1. TC Class 87
2. Hydra Bow
3. Rolls for Unique: Missed
4. Rolls for Set: Missed
5. Rolls for Rare: Missed
6. Rolls for Magic: Missed
7. Make a normal item

The TC Classes aren't appropriate, but it wasn't of my intention to give you real examples. These are just demonstrations to help you understand the whole notion behind drops.

En résumé, the only way you can increase your chances of finding set items is by looking in areas where there are more monsters, more champions or Act bosses, and by wearing more MF, but this works in all the ways, quality-wise (Unique chances of dropping goes up, Set too, Rare too, Magic too)

I hope this helped you.


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To find sets you need to check two things:

One: The monster is capable of dropping the base item you are looking for, like a cap for Infernal Cranuim.

Two: The monster is capable of droppingthe appropriate TC for that set item.

If only one is true, the set will never drop. If both are true it can drop, thoughthe actual chance is unlikely.

The Pit in Hell isthe best place in the gmae, other than Hell Baal runs, as every base item can drop along with every set.

If you cannot do either of them, then go thourgh the info on and find likely areas wehre the targeted item can drop.

Hope this helps


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Your question does not make sence since there are no areas in which monsters drops more set items. Area lvl determines monster lvl and monster lvl determines treasure lvl monsters can drop - that´s all.
% of set drops is influenced of your char´s mf though - look at mf site.

For an excellent drop calc, try:

For some info about items generation (including set items) check:
Good luck