Best place to find 3-socket shield?


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They are really quite easy to find. If there's one particular type you really want and you are the impatient type, you could use your Larzuk quest on a regular white one (chances are good that you'd get 3 sockets using the socketing cube recipe on a white shield as well)


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PDXBoy said:
Anyone have the best place to find one?
I don't think anywhere is much better than anywhere else. Go somewhere where you can kill fast, and make sure you have no (or as little as possible) MF%, since the less magic shields you see, the more likely it is you'll hit a socketed one.

As Chaldan suggested, Fara will sell Large Shields and Kite Shields, and the shop level cap in Normal means she can always sell non-magical items, no matter how high your level. So if you're willing to settle for one of those, go power-shopping there.

But if you want a good shield.. just kill, kill, kill until you see one..


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If I guess correctly you are looking for a GOOD one for a pally - a vortex or at least superior protector with good resists. If it´s right - mmm - these shields are very rare and can´t be traded from merchants. Just follow Stormi´s advice and - may be - reduce your mf in order to minimalize chances for mediocre magics and rares in wanted class.
A good protector can be found allready in act 4 NM prolly before... Just check tresure class.