Best Pit Sorc???


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Best Pit Sorc???

I was just wondering what skills/equip would be best for a pure mf pit sorc...THANKS ALOT! :xfrosty: :xparty: :xsmile5:


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I haven't been on in about a week but from what I remember there's a lot of FI's and some LI's too. So I'm thinkin either a blizz sorc, charged bolt and orb, or CL/FO.


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i think its most fire immune and cold immune so u could go for pureorb/fire wall
for fire wall get a good holy freeze act 2 merc and u wont have problem for yur fire wall to hit ennemy and its cheap and got good dmg but id say useless in pvp.Blizzard is also good but heavy synergies compared toorb and in the pit non immune to cold are easy to kill with orb so its up to you i think.


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CL owns the Pit. It slices, it dices, it kills entire screens and even things off the screen. By far the fastest Sorc spell for PvM. Must go Dual tree though so CL/FO is my recommended way to go Pit hunting.


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CL is by far the fastest killing spell in the pit. Get a merc to kill the few lightning immunes.


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I took an old 1.09 build I had retired (nova orb) and rebuilt her cheap exclusively for Pit running. By doing this there is no rushing a new character and you can use what you have readily available. I used relatively cheap crap to build her. Skills are only level 28 or 29 but that's al you need for killing power down there.

This is a cut and paste from another post I did, so if it is odd in places I apologize.

Here's the build:
1.09 Ptoped Tal's Armor/Belt (15% MF)/Ammy (192% MF)
Ptoped Shako (74% MF)
Chanceguarads (40% MF)
SoJX2 (probably replace with a couple 30% MF Nagels) (for 60% MF)
War Travs (50% MF)
Occy (Mine is isted) (80% MF)

With your base 100% MF this adds up to 596% From here, it is just trading for SMFC's Once you have 32 of the 7% that is another 224% MF for a total of 820% MF.

A couple of items here:
1) I know you are thinking Tals Armor is expensive. The 1.09 version isn't really that bad, and most want the 1.10. The 1.09 can be had cheap as a result.

2) There are a few things listed that are kind of expensive to most people. Some things to exclude to lessen expense:
a) the Ist in the occy- you don't need it. If you want to socket it, use a 10% MF jewel with a second mod (like a single resist) that can be had cheap. You can later shatter and resocket it with ist if you want.
b) Perfect Travs- get some 40's or there abouts. They are much cheaper.
c) All 7% SMFC's. Use 5% and 6% SMFC's and work your way up. 32X5% SMFC still yeild another 160% MF for you. In many public games these are left unclaimed or sold to Charsi.

3) I also carry an Anni- this is mainly for resists but this can be made up in charm selection or socketing. If needed, get SMFC's with resists as a second mod to make it up.

4) Stormsheild- I use for resists and PDR, but a Um'ed Lidless Wall, Rhyme or Sanctuary would work nicely in it's place to help pump resists.

Even with the shortcuts listed, you are still at 716% MF with base (741 if you use a rhyme sheild), and that's not too shabby.

One note on resists- only my lightning and Fire resists are maxxed. My poison is actually in the negative and my cold is around 40 or so. Don't worry about this thouigh- I have never seen a poison monster in the Pits and if I get wacked with a cold enchant I can teleport away.

A good def Merc (holy freeze) is also a great help but I would work on him after you get some of the other more basic items in place.

One last thing- I use the weapon switch to teleport with, so make sure what ever you put there adds up to 70% + FCR so you hit the first BP on teleport.

Hope that helps.


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Death_StrikeR said:
well, the fastest actually is the javazon... on players 1 that is.
in p8... i dont know :D
Actually not. Javazon's don't have teleport. If she had an Enigma, I could see it.


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pit runs?

i just started playing again the other day after a long time. what is a pit run? where is it and why do people do it? exp or items? i heard ancients way is good for exp runs.


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Starting to agree with you about the Chainorb being best in the Pit...CL really nails them in the pit, and the great part about it is that it hits damn near everything ...eventually. Still running into the slight delay when CL is bouncing around looking for targets...but once that arcing starts happening..things drop like flies. And I haven't finished maxing my last synergy (lightning) yet! Plus you get good gains experience-wise in the Pit...already leveled twice so far.



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hmm not to spoil your fun here but why do you need a best pit sorc? The other mlvl85 areas can be just as fruitful as the pits. Especially the Ancient Tunnels which imho is simply the best place for a sorceress...

Then again maybe I'm just lazy for not wanting to run the same area with all my characters...


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Borlag said:
hmm not to spoil your fun here but why do you need a best pit sorc? The other mlvl85 areas can be just as fruitful as the pits. Especially the Ancient Tunnels which imho is simply the best place for a sorceress...

Then again maybe I'm just lazy for not wanting to run the same area with all my characters...
Borlag its the PIT-hype! :D
I agree with you. Mausoleum is alot more relaxed to run than the pit, the differnce is that that there seem to be more champions and unique bosses spawning, no? Which heigthens the chance of better items again 8)

I'd add Meteorb to the fastest Pit-runners aswell. With a decent amoutn of fast-cast all you need is left-click fireball right-click frozenorb. if you encounter some CI bosses throw a meteor in between. Fireball kills very fast in the pit. I port about casting like crazy and am done in no time =).

CL/Orb would be a bit faster since it takes a bit longer to take out those fallen ones and their shamans with fireball/meteor. CL is THE Fallenkiller!


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ah well, I like to separate from the masses :lol:

Maybe I'll start running Vizier (yes just him...), don't ask me why though, haven't decided the answer...other than the improved chance of runedrops...

or then I could just be typing this since I have nothing better to do here at basically I'm getting paid to post :D