best paladin 4 rushing??


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best paladin 4 rushing??

never built a paladin before, but I was thinking of doing a hammerdin,
what would u guys say is the best paladin, for rushing. I want to be able to rush.

My sorc being a pure blizzard, is awsome for mf, but doesn't rush very well because of the cold immunes in hell.

So i want a paladin that can kill anything.

what build should I go for???


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well it really depends on how rich you are

but a good hammerdin is gr8 for rushing in my opirion

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Hammerdins are probably the best for rushing, however, the absolute best gear is needed (read: Enigma).

I got rushed by a crazy-fast Chargadin using Vigor. He did heaps of damage (or, at least from what I saw. He killed Diablo in four charges). Not sure what he was using, it was a long time ago.


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yeah, seems like they would be great...and yeah, so my mind is made up, its ging to be a hammerdin....

and i'm not very rich, but as I said i've got a ** sorc, great for mf, so i've got a few things,

so what kind of merc would be good for rushing....
i'm thinking always, but defensive cold aura...or something else