best necro build?


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best necro build?

what are your favorite necro builds and what do you suggest i make. i want to make either a poison or a golem necro.
Thinking about a poison nova but need help.

thnx JC

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JCpally said:
what are your favorite necro builds and what do you suggest i make. i want to make either a poison or a golem necro.
Thinking about a poison nova but need help.
Welcome Newcomer to The Darkness. Grab a brew :drink: and feel free to raise some corpses.

Golemancers are pretty hard to make. They require a good knowledge of the Necromancer and his tactics and it will not be fast and easy.

Poison is much more forgiving and thus a good introduction if you are relatively new to the class. Although you need some good gear to be truly effective, there is a build that you can play with minimal gear and most of this you’ll find during your play through.

What you’ll need to decide is if you want to go with poison or if you want to go ahead and make a Golemancer. If you decide to make a Poisonmancer you’ll need to determine if you want a pure Venomancer or if you want a poison hybrid.


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If this is your first necromancer I think you should seriously consider a Skellymancer...They are very easy and very powerful. Out of the two builds you mention definitely go with poison as a golemancer is very tricky to play with as Mad Mantis said, and is definitely not for the inexperienced. If you go poison it would be very nice to have some backup skellies to protect you. Check out the stickies in the forum for some guides, they can really help you out.

Good luck.


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Check out the discussion going on in the Golem FAQ before trying a golemmancer. I don't think I've ever heard of a 99th level necro with points devoted solely to golems. They just don't do enough by themselves to justify the cost.

Here's a list of the usual suspects.

Poisonmancers - Strong with expensive gear, but you need to devote remaining points to get past poison immunes in Hell. Lots of hybrid possibilities due to having lots of spare points leftover. Strong in PvP and PvM.

Skelliemancers - Strong with cheap gear, killing speed not great without expensive gear but no immunity problems. Fast build with even more hybrid possibilities.

Mage Based Builds - Very little experience with these. Jailkeepers use bone prison to trap enemies and kill with mages. Infinity might make any such variant a reasonably powerful build but is an extremely expensive rune word item. Some have said that it's not worth building a dual mage/skelly build and I agree. Mages just don't lay on enough hurt without a lot of attention directed towards increasing magical damage and vice versa.

Bonemancers - Very few immunes to deal with and those are easily bypassed with walls and curses. Rapid killing speed with mid range to expensive gear. Great solo PvM and PvP build. Effective when just used as a straight up shooter build, but even more effective when taking advantage of curses and other abilities. My favorite for speed, power, and fun so far.

Mojomancers - All curses for the most part. For players who enjoy a challenge.

Meleemancers - Use curses to enhance physical damage and manage enemies while doing bulk of killing with a weapon. Another one for players who like a challenge

Commandomancers - A very specific variant of melee/summoner that fights hand to hand alongside summons. By all accounts a very powerful and fast-killing build. Very expensive gear.

Damage Return Builds - Like the Dark Televangelist. Requires very expensive rune word gear that grants damage return abilities which stack with each other. Basically enemies kill themselves on your minions and you follow up with corpse explodes.


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Venomancers are quite powerful, although I'll echo MM, their high maintanance. Notsomuch as other builds, but a Deaths Web and 3 piece trang are highly recommended if you want to be a powerhouse in hell. Bramble is optional for a venomancer, I personally don't use it and I can solo hell baal runs in full games with mine.

I'd suggest a poison/skelly hybrid for pvm play, as maxed skellies with remaining points into skeleton mastery aren't as "weak" as many make them out to be, simply because you can prebuff them.


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My favorite is zookeeper with some bone spells like bone spear(i think its better than bone spirit).I almost completed act II in 1 day(only durry left)


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My favourite : bone/summon hybrid! No immunity problems as you are dealing physical (merc/golem/skellies) and magical (spear/spirit). Not as effective in pvp w/o maxing the bone synergies but one hell of a fun guy to play..and you could go all out mf with this build too as i had done :p Max Raise Skeleton/Skeleton Mastery/Spirit/Spear and as many points into Bone Wall. Slap on a Marowalk boots and voila! You'd have fun raising your army and occasionally maintaning them. Get an 'Insight' polearm for your might merc and be a spirit/spear spamming maniac with crazy mana regeneration (not to mention from homo).