Best MFing Strategies?


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Best MFing Strategies?

I've tried all sorts of things since I first started playing Diablo II after a loooong hiatus from classic. My current strategy is to only equip a little bit of MF and search for gems, runes, socketables and the occasional grand charm with my poison/skelliemancer which is the most effective character I've yet made for handling just about any situation. Rather than wasting time trying to find uniques on my own, the gems cover most needs and in my quest for highish to high runes I'm finding that rerolling GCs is a better place to use them. It's been going pretty well so far but I'm still a long way off from the Enigma that would make dual computer Hell Forge runs a cake walk. It seems to me like one lucky socketable find like a 3 socket Sacred Targe with 30+ resists to all would be a lot easier to get than getting enough set or unique items to trade for high runes.

Anybody have their own preferred MFing strategies?


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In my mind a skelemancer is a good mfer because of the lack of need of equip b/c your minions are takin all the damage, Personally Here is hwere i would mf if i were you

The Pits
-Take outer cloister wp and go out of monastary
-I love runnin here because, even though risky, still gives great items
Anyas Portal
-Dont resurect the littler charger guys unless u have to but they tend to drop well
-I love runnin him but i just do it for the fun of it because he gives lots of quest drops because no one ever does his quest

just some ideas, i love posionmancers so youve got a good mf char just stick with it and you will find the goodies, just do the 1,2, step baby


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note: mf does not affect rune drops (not sure about gems though). Also if you want to find socketables, less mf is better.


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Yeah, I confusingly used MF interchangeably with treasure hunting in general. I go with minimal MF stuff. Just enough to make the blues pop up a little more frequently (for getting the occasional charm). If the ATMA drop calculator is correct, Flayer Dungeon has the best odds on Monarchs, Sacred Targes, and Archon Plates. I also seem to pick up plenty of gems there so I'm digging it.


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mhl12 said:
note: mf does not affect rune drops (not sure about gems though). Also if you want to find socketables, less mf is better.
I dont think gems are affected either. They are just like as the runes.


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Gem drops aren't affected mf MF at all, just like runes and everything that can be of just one category with respect to being nonmagical, magical, rare etc.
i like loading up on mf and running pubby nm cows. =p charms drop like crazy .. most of em suck but ive found some nice ones.. best was probably a java lifer a while ago.

haha but seriously .. i run areas mainly with my java .. she runs about 200 mf which is ideal for pits, chaos sanc and wsk. i also do shenk / eldritch - quick and easy, i got my soj from there. :)
the most profitable i've tried is running meph with my sorc and switching to full mf gear when i get to him - about 650 for me. this got me enough for an enigma, a couple sojs, a maras and most of everything else i have on my hammerdin now. but it gets boring. so now i either mix it up with the other standard runs or just join games where someone needs help killing a boss. 650 mf + a quest drop from meph, baal or diablo can give some decent drops.