Best mf techniques for hammerdin


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Best mf techniques for hammerdin

I play hcl and need the help of experienced hammerdin mf players.

I have a nice cookie cutter hammerdin with ga/ shako/ wiz/ hoz/ soe/ haunches/ chances/ rare pal skills ammy and dual nagels. I have ali/rhyme on switch and to maximise mf merc is wearing ptopaz griswolds/ p topaz stealskull and killing with eth ariocs.

I use 2 comps and bo pal before vigor run to destination switch to conc and hammer em flat. This works great for tristram, meph and shenk. Merc is holyfreeze so he slows pindles guys down but it is a struggle and I find the results average so I rarely bother. Baal, however, is a problem.

I drink a few pots and occasionally exit game fast but minions are pretty straight forward, but badass Baal is so hard to put down. I can of course kill him myself quite easily, (6.3k hammers do that nicely) but I want to get that extra 130 odd mf my merc is wearing to be of some benefit. Even with conc on and doing 4.1 k my poor old merc just cant seem to take that last slice of life.

I could socket ariocs with something nasty or change armour/helm but at what price? When making suggestions pls consider that at the moment this gear is the best I have ever owned so anything better will be a mid to long term project. Would flashing a different aura help? I have pts only in conc, vigor, ba, meditation, redemption, and sanctuary. To gain any other aura's would require pre reqs as well and I am lvl 84 atm.

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


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Just don´t do Baal for MF, run the pit, Hell Meph (he is the best IMHO because if you also kill the council members and the Vampire Lords there only 1 item in the game won´t have any chance to drop: Tyrael´s Might, and seriously i think that that armour is over-rated)... seriously let Baal for party Exp runs, he doesn´t seem to drop that much better because of that nice little thing called probability...

Also i rate Meph that high because being an act boss he has ´bout 25% better chance of dropping rare/sets & uniques than a normal monster (champions and non act bosses get a 4.57% increase instead :p )


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I'd recommend dropping baal from your MF roster. His mana burn breath makes the task insaine, and often, not worth while. I would recommend places such as The Pit, Ancient Tunnels (Act 2 Lost City trap door, forget its exact name), Travincial High Council, Thresh Socket, Pindle, Eldrich & Shenk. Countess too if you don't mind running a bit. I would have chosen Redemption over Meditation, but whats done is done, and your not in a position to place multilple skill points. Without Redemption, Pindle may be a little harder, but it's worth a shot.

Heh, i just realized you are HCL, .. then perhaps avoid areas of risk, maybe slash pindle - whatever. Good luck, and remember - it's just that, fluke, luck, randomness, good things will drop when you are least expecting them.


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Shael Shael bonehew or eth bonehew, tals helm, and good armor, mine uses griz armor with low ed jewels and min and max damage. He hits 2nd from last ias breakpoint with my fanat :)