best mf items


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best mf items

i need around 400-500 mf
with max res
and nice dmg

what items should i use?

currenty using:
shako facet'd 4\4 fire
tal arm+amu+belt
spirit shield

the mf is 410 i think
but the prob is that i cant do baal runs

the sorc is meteorb
like 440-458 or something orb dmg
fire baal like 5.5k-5.7k
meteor like 11k-12k

(still have to max fire mastery)
lvl 81 sorc
btw i dont have enough str for the spirit yet
is there any low str shield that is gonna be good enough?

thanks~ :smiley:


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Lidless Wall is a decent low str (only 58 req) shield that also has a +1 to all skills and good mana bonuses. My personal MF gear is as follows:
Um'd Shako
Ist'd Occy
Skulldurs Ire
Tals Ammy
War Travs
Spirit Monarch

She's also a Meteorb, but with that equipment I can't do Hell Baal either :p but the MF is pretty good.


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Moser w/ 2PDiamond for the poor, Sanctuary for the rich (given the current price of Mal); Headhunter's Glory w/ 3PDiamonds is a good choice too.
Any meteorb using 3 Tal pieces should seriously consider using full Tal set instead.
You don't need ravenfrost for sorc, since being frozen doesn't slow down casting speed, use an SoJ instead. Also I feel the 30MF from nagel is so not worth it; I'd definitely go for another SoJ.


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You could always ditch the Shako for a Kira's. FHR, high resistances (I'm using it ATM, I prefer it over the shako because of the FHR and the high resistances.) I also don't teleport around my bosses. I run in a half-circle, so not being frozen is a plus. You can just facet the Kira's too. You lose some MF. Boo-Hoo. Dump in another Nagel to replace the raven frost (SoJ is a rip, it is not THAT good for MF) you could replace the magefist with a chancies too. The damage will be decent enough, and if you have FHR SC's, as I do, you should do fine with a small bit of missing FCR.
You shouldn't really be struggling to be honest...
My Meteorb Sorc uses:

Tals Belt/Ammy/Armour /w PTopaz
Harley /w PTopaz
HotO/2*PDiamond Mosers with Ali/Splendor on switch for killing Baal

Inventory has Tome of TP and Identify and a Cube and the rest is filled with MFSC's and a Gheeds. I have no real problem doing Baal runs. Maybe your merc needs better items? I know I'd be up **** creek without a paddle without a merc. I use a NM Def (HF) with Vamp Gaze, Shaft and a Reapers. Good tank and Decrep/HF cripples all monsters except OK's who are a total pain in the ***.