best merc weapon

Evrae Altana

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Depends on the char.
For elemental people, Infinity is usually second to none.
For other casters, Insight is awesome.
Obedience is also awesome for a very cheap price.


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As A.E said, it totally depends on the character. For runewords, A.E. is dead on. I also like Doom in certain cases. Pride is another popular option for Bowazons and a few other builds. All of these weapons assume the use of an Act 2 merc, but a Faith Act 1 is an excellent option for a Bowazon wielding something other than a Faith bow.

A few good options for Uniques would be:

Eth Reaper's Toll: Solid damage, but CtC decrepify can really help melee characters deal with PIs (including the merc)
Eth Tomb Reaver (2 or 3 sockets ideally): powerful and flexible, but potentially very expensive. A 3os eth Tomb Reaver is godly for a Fury Druid, so I wouldn't waste it on a merc
Upped Eth Hone Sundan: Big CB and 3 sockets allow for a variety of options
Eth Arioc's Needle: ITD, 50% DS, very fast, and up to +4 skills will all help make the merc a hardy meat shield


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pride is not only used for bowzons but zealers.

there are a number of base weapons i would consider to putting rw's into.
getting these maybe a bit harder as some will have more sockets when using the larz quest to put sockets into.

eth ca (5os max)
eth thresher / giant thresher (5/6 max soc)
eth gpa (6os max)
eth cv (4os max)