Best Merc For PvM Druid?


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Best Merc For PvM Druid?

20 ww
20 Lycan
1 Feral
1 Rabies
20 Fury
20 Oak Sage
1 Poison Creeper
20 Carrion Vine

is my plan. What is the best Merc? I got a "cold" merc in act III at level 17 and am leveling him up with me. He seems to do what I want (cast cold spells from a distance), but so far hasn't accepted any weapons, just helms, breastplates and shields (what type of weapon can I give him?).

Is there a different merc I should choose before I get too far along? I'm currently level 23.


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one handed swords.

I like act 2 mercs. Might would be pretty sweet. I use defiance cause my defense is absolute trash.


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Ya, I'd go with might. My build is almost exactly like yours, so defense doesnt matter. Your life will suck up the dmg anyway, and if you have a very fast weapon, enhanced fury dmg will be just as good as defense IMO.


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Depends on how rich you are the best would be might merc with a doom weapon for the holy freeze gives you 2 auras in one. A might alone is also great with your build. If not holy freeze merc which gives cold damage and slows down the monsters.

As for your build looks ok but I would only put 1 pt into carrion and spend the rest in either getting a bear or in feral.


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If you like to solo alot, the A2 Holy Freeze merc can be very helpful. However, if you like to play in parties most of the time then go A2 Might, especially since you chose Oak Sage over Heart of Wolverine.

Just keep in mind that both of these mercs are hirable only in NM difficulty.