Best merc for hamerdin?

Evrae Altana

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Blessed Aim merc would not help your hammerdin whatsoever. Hammers do not require AR to hit, and the Blessed Aim aura will not "synergize" your hammers either.


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this is my set up and he tanks hell lister no prob. eth doom crytpic ax eth coh or fort your choice id go for coh tho. and delirum helm. but thats my suggestion


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A high-level act 3 cold merc with "lawbringer" crystal sword, eth guardian angel, kira's guardian and stormshield is my merc of choice at the moment. Very useful for sanctuary runs.


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My Hammer merc is currently a Holy Freeze NM Act 2 merc with Upped Ummed Guardian Angel, Eth Great Polearm Insight and Ummed Tals mask.

The 90 resists are wonderful - he only dies from IM now.