best merc for barb?


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what kind of barb are you planning on making? don't know if that matters or not.

as far as equipment, anything with life leech, PDR, and resists should be good. Vampire gaze, CoH runeword, reaper's toll are probably best for an act 2 merc, which is what i always go for.

in the future, try and not do the double post thing, cuz many people get annoyed by it


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Nightmare Might merc for damage, with infinity Crypitic axe for good crushing blow and lowering enemies defences, perfect for fenzy barb, or even Pride Cryptic axe for more damage (but no crushing blow)
Helm, etheral andys is good for LL 20%ias +2 all skills, or even etheral Vamp gaze
Armor, id go for ebug Fort in an archon plate for more damage and resists.


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The might merc is the best all-around merc. Give him a reaper's toll or Doom ethereal cryptic axe, and you're in business.



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Ironman barbs (defensive oriented)
Defiance merc with E Doom CA, Eth Stone, Eth Andy.

General WW etc / Titan barbs (offensive oriented)
Might merc with E Reaper's Toll / Pride CA, eth fort, eth Andy.

Might merc with Infinity, Eth Fort and Eth Andy.


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hydrahydra said:
i might try to kill DC, what would be the best merc fro that?
I never fought diablo clone, but I would say merc doesn't matter there. DC will probably fry him with his first lightning breath attack.