Best lvl to gamble boots


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Best lvl to gamble boots

So you can get -5/+4 of your lvl on the ilvl of the item you gamble

being that 40% res is an ilvl of 25
and that 30 r/w is an ilvl of 37

The best lvl to gamble boots is lvl 42 (30 if you don't mind 20 r/w)



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Just gamble to see if you can have this affix, and if you can, just 6-perfect-skull re-roll your boot until you get the affixes you want (6-p-skull receipe only in v1.04 to v1.06 inclusive).

I got my rare greaves this way, around character level around 32 if i remember correctly:

Fastest Run/Walk (=30% in D2X)
Fastest Hit Recovery (=20% in D2X)
25% Magic Find
43% Cold Resist
40% Lightning Resist
+37 Mana
Hmmn, I don't know why people answer questions about D2 and then throw in some arcane version that their advice works for. Do classic players really play these old versions? (I'm asking because this is like the 10th reply in different threads that I've seen old versions mentioned to answer posts)



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I dont think so

most people play on as far as I know

wangnala should post in some sort of Classic - Single Player subforum, which does not exist as far as I know


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The thing is, a lot of the info he gives is still quite relevant on non-ladder, so personally, I think right in this subforum is the right place.
So far he mentioned exactly which version he was referring to, so it's clear to all this applies to the older versions and thus non-ladder or single player.


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Yes, this is the place for Classic, whether single player or Bnet. There are few game play differences between Bnet and Classic and most of those are LOD things anyway: some runewords, the Dclone, and Ubertrist.