Best Lightning Sorc????

Best Lightning Sorc????

Uhhh...needed help...whats best lightning sorc...pure dmg....e.s...pure dmg and max block...i have no clue.... :(


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It appears that a Lightning Sorc does the most damage - I haven't tested that. I use Chain Lightning, as it clears the Pit really fast, but is pretty useless against bosses. From what I am reading, 35k lighning damage is pretty attainable - whereas my chain lightning does 3400, but with 9 hits...

My TBolt, while getting some serious flak from others, does some pretty decent damage, and is good for taking out the critters that creep up behind you while the lightning is out front...

Basically you'd have to hear from a Lightning sorc as to how much damage, and how attainable it is...but I have level 36 Chain and it does 4-3494 dam.

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