Best HC Char Level?


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I had four 99's in 1.09: two Sorcs, one Javazon, and one WW Barb.

Since then, my current Meteorb (lvl ~94.25).

But xey wins this contest whether he's here to reply or not. His Khayla was 1/4-1/3 of the way from 98 to 99.


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93 Javazon. LF & CS.

She has a lot of PDR for running Hell Nihlathak, tgods, and nice resists with a little bit of % PRD as well. She doesn't kill as fast as some but I'm confident she can tank almost anything in the game. I really enjoy playing her all of the time. If only her merc had an Infinity.

Oh, and Xey wtf! lub [email protected]



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My .09 Meteor sorc (Nee-Nee) or my lvl14 LLD asn (Camionaro). .09 was the best of times.


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Mad_Bubba (lvl89) - IK Barb back in 1.10 - first season

He was a tank. Took on ancients and Diablo Clone solo. I always had fun with him. Click, spin, watch thingies die.


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i think everyone and their mumma had a pindle sorc,
currently 83ish hammerdin
lvls dont mean much to me, once i finish synergys, or near finish i just rush and mf :)


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Level 87 sorceress I think? Leveling is extremely dull to me... I just level up to around 80, before experience drops off too much and then do MF runs and whatnot. Actually, I usually just make LLDers anyways, so my only high level characters are usually cheap MF sorceress' to find me goodies to trade.



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Highest I ever had was my level 99 Amazon, StrongBowDry, made back in the days of 1.09 and GAT.

After I finished her I pretty much quit within a few weeks and didn't play for 3-4 years, simply because the game basically held no interest for me anymore.

Several hundred cow runs is enough to drain the soul of any man, even with people as friendly as the Gatsters.


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GKS-Alithra - My level 99 hybrid zon with a crazily secksi looking balrog skin ias/some ed/some res armor. Oh how I miss her. I miss 1.09 too.



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My Witchyzon, a strafer of course. Level 92 and alive and kicking at the end of 1.10 season one.

I got a cookie-cutter LF java to ** before quitting due to boredom.

A couple Necros, one Marrow bugged, one not, made it to the mid-high eighties.


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92 1.09 Barb Dueler. Apocalypse-DVS, remade a few times. I loved that guy. Top of the line charms, jewelry and equipment.