Best group killer for a lightning sorc - poll

Which Is Better: an "Ice Arrow Rogue" or a "Fire Arrow Rogue"?

  • Ice Arrow Rogue Is Best

    Votes: 5 83.3%
  • Fire Arrow Rogue Is Best

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Both Are Equally Viable

    Votes: 1 16.7%

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assume 20 +skills with all senergies max.
659 - 686 ish damage if i work out right.

24xthat 15,816 -16,464. if all hit one target most hit the boss.

spread across the group and its spammable and looks cool in the process


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For groups I'd have to go with chain lightning.

Charged bolt spreads out so much that even if they are pretty close its only going to hit them with a few bolts if they are more than a few yards away from you. Still if you can spam at point blank range its pretty effective.


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smeer said:
Charged Bolt is discussed as the best boss/group killer.
1. No one ever said Charged Bolt was the best group killer.

2. Nova is somewhat weak in comparsion. You'd have to be completely surrounded by a lot of monsters for it to do more damage. It's really more of a novelty skill than anything else (and good for rushing norm).

It comes down to Chain Lightning vs. Lightning, and each has its uses. In one situation (e.g. lots of spread-out monsters) CL might do more damage, while in another (e.g. tightly-packed or lined-up monsters) L might do more damage.


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there was an argument earlier (different thread) that Charged Bolt was better for killing cows. Even in the tightly packed cow herds CB comes in third to L or CL as you mentioned. That's all I was saying. But CB does have its usefulless against baal minions - just stand on the steps and spam away.


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CB for norm and nm

Hell, I always have favored Lightning over CL, simply because less mana cost + more damage.

If monsters are packed tightly, L is the obvious choice. But for packs that are spread out, CL if you wish.