Best gear possible


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Best gear possible

Hey i am about to start a ww assasin and was wondering what is the best gear possible for 1. Also i would like to know what order i should put my skill points in

Ty for your time


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im by no means an expert on these, but from what ive gathered seeing/using/fighting these... heres the general setup- (assuming your going straight shadow... no traps)

Chaos claw (+venom almost a must)
other hand seems to vary with preference... Fury claw with +venom or a rare ias/fools/%ed mod claw
enigma(if you wanna tele), if not then bramble
shadow dancers almost a must for the dex and +2 shadows (venom!)
gloves... umm... bloodfist? .... rare +2ma/20ias/res? idk...

i hope i helped a little, im kinda tired so i dont wanna go too in depth.


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2sin visonary 20fcr 2soc w/ mods
chaos claw runic/ gt w/ +3venom +df + mb
rare runic/ gt fools mod claw w/ ias, +2sin, ed, +3venom
p arch/ dusk bramble
shadow dancers/ gores/ rare dupes
p metalgrid
1xx ar, 10fcr, str, dex, res, life ring
p ravenfrost
trang glove
p dungos
6bo cta/ spirit
40-45lifer shadow gcs
shadow fhr
20/5 res scs
32/20 scs
p torch and anni


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Id go with order's setup except switch out the circlet for a coa and the ammy for a 2/15 fcr ammy..unless you are a pure wwsin, in which case the circlet is better


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only part about the coa is enough dr will be achieved from fade already and fhr will meet the 86 bp if 1 shadow fhr or 2 fhr scs are used. metalgrid will provide res lost from not using a coa.