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[Guide] Best Follower Builds 2.4.2

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by Boki Gaming, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Boki Gaming

    Boki Gaming IncGamers Member

    Aug 27, 2016
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    This follower build will not only make your Templar a CC king, but he can also boost your DPS! Use this build to make greater rifts easier.


    - Immortality relic
    - Thunderfury (Lightning proc.)
    - Freeze of Deflection (Freeze on block)
    - The Ess of Johan (Pull & slow 60%)
    - Wyrdward (Chance to stun on lightning dmg)
    - Oculus Ring (Dmg buff after killing mob(s); swap for Unity if need be)


    Taunt, Intimidate, Charge, Inspire/Guardian

    I have now added a build for the Enchantress as well. Her numerous CC, paired with some awesome items, makes her incredibly useful in group, and single target, HARD CC.


    - Eun-Jang-Do (with lightning dmg)
    - Dovu Energy Trap (I didn't mention the Overwhelming Desire ammy because the dmg buff does NOT work on RGs)
    - Wyrdward
    - Oculus Ring (can sub for Unity if need to)


    Charm, Powered Armor, Disorient, Mass Control

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