Best Dclone hunting sorc?


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Best Dclone hunting sorc?

Is the merc really even important? Because I would think that the merc would stupidly eat pink lightning.

I'm thinking that pure cold is the way to go, since you need cold mastery to lower his resists without relying on your merc staying alive, but blizzard or frozen orb?

What are the minimum resists/absorbs you need? And what sort of equipment should you use to help achieve this?


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Re: Best Dclone hunting sorc?

DC is 95% res to all, IIRC (dont feel like looking it up atm lol), and again IIRC is immune to Static. Your best bet is probably either a pure cold sorc for the -res, as you say, or a pure light sorc self-wielding Infinity, using probably CB at pointblank range. You wont 'eat pink lightning' if you're in his face, so you only have to stack up fire and phys defense and a little bit of cold for his cold-hand attack.

Not sure, though, how survivable/viable you'll actually be with such a build, I've only ever done it with a Dracs CBer - which you could do with Sorc and Passion, but that seems to be cheating if your goal is to make a DC hunting sorc :)

As for your merc, it wont survive long without Life Tap on DC; your greatest benefit would probably be to stick Blackhorns and Kelpies on him (for huge Hit Slows Target) with Treachery armor; you can use the Treachery to prebuff yourself and then give it back, he'll attack so much faster, and he only will need to get one hit in to slow down DC permanently for you (unless you log out), even if the merc then subsequently snuffs it.


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Re: Best Dclone hunting sorc?

I fought UD once, with a lvl 94 pure blizzard tal's set sorc, with mf gears. Merc weilds obedience. Get UD down in 3 minutes singlehandedly, in a 2 ppl game.


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Re: Best Dclone hunting sorc?

My first Uber D clone kill was well before respecs and it was on a poorly designed tri-elementalist sorc. FCR plays a big role as you typically want to stay mobile as your merc won't last long typically without high end gear and a cta buff.

Cold would be my recommendation as it has a nuke (blizzard or FO) you can fire off then tele and repeat, as well as the inherent -res.

Unless your merc can tank for a little while, lite is a poor choice as it isn't great for fire and run tactics.

While fire has the most consistent damage, without -efr from conviction or gear, its not ideal.


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Re: Best Dclone hunting sorc?

Blizz would be the best option because of CM. Wouldn't it be a good idea to load your merc with OW and use that in the same way as droid suggested you use slow? Duress and kelpie should do fine


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Re: Best Dclone hunting sorc?

It isn't to hard to bring him down using lightning if you've got high end stuff. I've killed him using an infinity on self pure lightsorc and that worked quite well.

With lower gear, blizzard is where it is at I'd say. Orb could do too I'm sure, but I've used blizzard successfully using fairly pitiful gear:

Cirno danced through nightmare freezing everything in her wake.
All because she had an ever greater journey to undertake.

Hell Mephisto was her final aim,
a target she would be ready to face,
she claimed.

Little did she know this journey was almost to end in disgrace,
for Diablo had been terribly misplaced!

The journey began just as she planned,
to the den of evil! monsters are to be banned!

Cirno started killing
putting all her "spirit" into it,
no monsters would be yelling
"idiot!", with their throats slit!

This fight was however futile,
as her strength lay not in her swordarm.
That sidekick on the other hand
poked things dead ...

At last she returned to the encampment,
a place that should now be safe for our tired heroine.
But alas! The earth rumbled and she stumbled,
What's the big deal! She yelled in anger,
"Diablo walks the earth" was the answer.

Her fellows in arms ran in fear!
The words spoken for all to hear.
This could not be, this is not right,
I and no one else is ready for such a fight!

A plea to both left and right
but there was no hero in sight!
Fight him alone? Flee from the clone?
No good answer as her the difficulty had outgrown.

But then she recalled her own words,
spoken before so many herds.
"I'm the strongest!" she yelled,
as she him with blizzards shelled.

Spawned in the cold plains the ultimate foe,
once over everyone would surely tell her bravo!

One, two, ... or was it maybe ?
how many times did she die?

Mercenary gold reaching the baseline ...
sell pgems, sell runes! Cannot resign!

Merc dead, gold gone, no help left for our little moron
a sliver of life left, the next spell must be dead-on!

Luckily this isn't easy difficulty ...

The spell hits diablo doing much harm,
he staggers, stops, digs in his pocket,
and carefully drops a small charm!

Cirno looks in disbelief,
is he dead? can I safely act a thief?

poke, yup he is indeed dead, it must be.
I can claim to have killed thee!

Our heroine takes her loot and leaves
I cannot believe what she has achieved!

Here this story may end,
but fear not for Cirno still has mephisto runs to attend!

[B]Resulting anni:[/B] 10/20/5

"Lore" Helm
"Spirit" Longsword
"Stealth" Studded Leather
rare amu (3 energy, 8 mana, 11 all res)
Lidless Wall
rare gloves (10ias,3ll,23mf)
rare ring (9dex,11 mana, 29 cr)
rare ring (1 energy,14 mana,12 mf)
rare boots (10fhr,38fr,5pr,44gf,11mf)
charms giving another 25% resists to lightning and fire ...

"Insight" Halberd
Duriel's Shell
Guillaume's Face