best D2 related joke

best D2 related joke

what is the best D2 related joke youve heard or thought of? i cant think of any good ones, most of them involve taking out the word 'blonde' and putting in 'amazon'.
oh, and this isnt an invite to insult necros...


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the only one i heard is "you hit like mephisto" with is rather lame.

hope some good ones show up :xsmile:


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Best D2 related joke? The AI of the game, be it for mercs, summons or the critters, they're all just big jokes...
id have to agree with the mercs. you cost me 50k to resurrect, and when your getting your butt whooped, you don't run away???
seriously, it cant be hard to program in when he gets to less than 1/3 life he will always run away, that would help a hell of a lot.
and they odnt understand what being cursed means. he walks into CS, gets iron maidened straight away, but still trys to attack. it takes great effort and several bone walls to stop him killing himself.
anyway, does anybody know any real jokes related to D2?


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That one I read in the Sanctuary Times:

A reporter were interviewing Diablo and so asked him about how he felt about Bishibosh' death. And Diablo replied with a "who?". And then the reporter said that it is real strong of Diablo to block the death out of his mind or something. Anyway, it was real funny.


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This is taken from The Lion's Toes, Pt. 7 (if you haven't read it, these answers are from interviews with B.Net clients):

What’s your favourite character class?

29% Sorceress
19% Barbarian
14% Amazon
13% Tyrael
11% Sor…huh, you mean there are others?
8% Hammerdin
6% Baba

And how about your favourite act?

32% Act 5
31% The Moo Moo Farm
15% Act 1
9% Act 4
7% Act 2
6% Mephisto

Time to test your trivia knowledge. Which NPC is credited with having ‘bathed in the blood of a hundred virgins’?

34% Andariel
22% Diablo
16% Tyrael
14% The Countess
8% Rakanishu
6% Deckard Cain

What are the names of the four lesser evils?

26% Andariel, Duriel, Belial, Asmodan.
25% Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Pindleskin.
21% Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, Pride.
18% Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell.
7% Yellow Bile, Black Bile, Phlegm, Blood.
3% Skipping church, watching TV, playing violent games, touching yourself at night.

Who created the Diablo series?

44% Bill Roper
28% Geoff Fraizer
14% Edgar Allan Poe
7% Satan
4% Hernando Cortez
2% Oscar Wilde
1% Jesus

And finally, let’s look ahead. What are your thoughts on a possible ‘World of Diablo’?

99% I think it’s a really stupid idea, and that Blizzard should first focus on a ‘proper’ sequel to Diablo II. MMORPGs are not the only way into the future, damn it!
1% I concur.

Wow, concise. And if you could choose one thing to be included in the
next instalment of the Diablo series, what would it be?

28% God mode.
27% Naked Amazons.
24% Tyrael as a playable character.
21% Hamsters.


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Shaigon said:
You know you play too much Diablo when you hit a deer and stop to see if it dropped a unique;)
That made me laugh. In fact, I think that made my day! Thanks!


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-What is the rarest thing in all of Diablo 2?
-A zod?
-No, a public channel without a spam bot


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When you saw writing, you always think D2 related. I've personaly seen "PI" truck (big truck with hugh PI logo on it), "STRxxx" number plate.


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Shaigon said:
You know you play too much Diablo when you hit a deer and stop to see if it dropped a unique;)
I read a lot of these some time back... And some of them was real funny too. I don't have the patience, however, to look for them, but someone here has too much time on their hands already, better put it to use. ( Or i can blame durf for my lousy memory :p )