Best character to...


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Best character to...

Well I'm planning to run massive MF runs on andy//meph//diablo//baal on hell, and do massive key runs so my smiter can get some organs.

I have enough riches to make one good char, (maybe depends on character)

So who would be the best for doin massive MF on the bosses I listed and massive fast key runs.


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Well, generally it's a hammerdin. They're so multi-purpose, but they're are very gear reliant. A sorceress is always a good pick, as they're skill dependent, and you can compensate more for MF. I'd personally say a light sorc, to me, they kill much faster and are more efficient. Easy set-up would be tal armour / belt / ammy, isted occy, ptopaz shako, travs nagel/fcr ring depending on your build, chancies or fcr gloves. There are so many options to MF with.

I'm sure someone has got more to say it on than I do though. So take what I say with a grain of salt :p


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If you're not rich enough for Enigma, I'd have to say a Sorc (Blizz, Blizzballer or Meteorb) would be best, otherwise I hear Hammerdins are the best.

My farmer is a clvl 93 Blizzballer with 600% MF, and decent +skills. Shako, Magefist, 3 piece Tal's (belt, armor, amulet), WarTravs, Nagelrings. She has good FCR and resists. I can run any area, but I prefer to run non-cold-immune areas. GL :smiley:


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I must agree with Ribgriller unless you own or can aquire a enigma, keep with a sorc. Thier dmg output and speed are riveled by few.



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If you want a powerful character who is going to knock out bosses quickly then hammerdin without the slightes doubt. The only problem for you will be that hammerdins have some expensive gear mate :D
Let me list your mf hammerdin's stuff:
Hoto and HoZ to switch with a gull dagger and ryhme shield.
Shako topazed
Chance guards
War travelers
Seraph or maras even better :)
Enigma (make no mistake here there is no other option for you ;))
a quick calculation shows that this gear will make like 400+ mf and a god damn powerful hammerdin :D (with 11k+ unresistable damage)

However a mf sorc would be much cheaper with higher mf, the only thing is if you dont get yourself a infinity (which is very expensive) you wont be able to make baalruns that easily, they will give you some hard time.. Best be blizzard sorc because getting bosses cold helps you much, holy freeze doesnt work on bosses. My blizz sorc kicked meph with a worse gear much easier than my light sorc. however light sorces can kill countess and countess is cold immune a handicap there..
Your gear should be:
chance guards
tal armor amulet belt
eschu or occu spirit to change with gull dagger and rhyme
and you can keep coh instead of armor (switch armor when killing)
shako topazed
and thats all I remember now

savvy? :)


If you do andy//meph//diablo//baal and keys in the same game. Try fishymancer , my fishymancer can do meph//baal 3 key areas + pits in 15~20 minutes ( I didn't do diablo and meph)


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Wouldn't Barbarians or Sorceress be the best Magic Find Users?
Barbarians = low fcr, for good items you should kill bosses so you have to teleport to them (running is very cumbersome) so you should wear enigma and have fcr. Hence babas are not a very good option imo.
Sorceresses are great without doubt.



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Well I got that info from this website since Barbs have such high vital. I wouldn't really know since I don't have that character, yet.
Thanks for the info.