Best Char to wear ENIGMA ?


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Best Char to wear ENIGMA ?

Hi all,
I got my hands on an Enigma Armor (118 str required).

I'd like to build a char around that armor but still don't know why.

My present considerations include :

-Hammerdin Pal
-Maybe an interesting amazon build
-TeleBarb with Botd weapon. But which one ?
-Trap asn. But does she really need teleport ?

All your comments welcome lads,



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Enigma barb with BOTD? might i suggest you have some duped runes? (not saying you duped them, just that if it matters to you... cant ignore the obvious ;) ) If it doesnt, and you wont listen to me saying sell the damn things to gheed, then i would reccomend making a TELEZERKER! I would make a pk telezerker myself, if i was wealthy enough ;) If you are wealthy enough to get enigma and BOTD, i say get yorself a high level pk/duel telezerker ;)

For Pvm, make a cool character, not cookie cutter! Go with like a... Telewandzon. Thats my final answer. Telewandzon.


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Best character to wear Enigma is an Iron Golem.

If you traded for this armor, then this is the best use of it (aside from selling to Gheed).

If you found/cubed the runes yourself, then any char needing teleport is the best.


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Why are telezerkers so popular amongst PKs?
Seems to me that teleporting around with nearly full synergy CS would be scary...

Making an iron golem out of your enigma is a it for a botd and use THAT for your IG.


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5k pvp is reduced to 1250 after 75% ES....I know a few people who could take that easily, especially with BO on.


im talking about 5k magical damage after the 1/6 pvp penalty
there are alot of those in hcl west


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Yes, that's what I'm talking about too.
It's still not enough to take a tank sorc with 75% energy shield. Especially one with BO on.
Hell, my assassin with no ES had more HP than 5k with BO on most of the time.


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Arrrr, that is a bad Enigma. 118 str req is too much for an armor that add defence (not % defence) and add strength. Should have used <60 str armor for versatility. BTW, I think a tele-summon-necro would benefit the most; it will help regroup the skeletons.


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My sin was #1 on east before I got bored of baaling =/
And by was, I mean is, but won't be for too much longer I don't think.


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It will be up there another week or two Mouse and it will probably stil be in top 16 Sin for a LONg time unless peeps get real busy! Looks like many are falling off the high lvl lvling race. Wait did I say "race" hell it just playing to me!

I still get 4 times the exp I could get on my Classic Ladder guy! Its gravy! If Bird didnt change his mind and want a new sorc I could of been 95+ yesterday but instead we went for 1-65 yesterday! Hell wonder if I could of gotten 85 if we actually worked at it!


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Bleh.Sell to Charsi.Chances are its duped.
So many noob barbs in pvp games nowdays with their enigma/botds.Makes me sick.