Best char for pitrunning?

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Best char for pitrunning?

i'm making a mf pitrunner, and I wanted to know your ideas as to what the best class is. Assume good gear, but no Enigma teleport. thanks.


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Bone necro. There are never magic immunes in pit.
3k piercing attack (spear) + CE + bone armor = no need of any potions and very quick runs.


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id say wind druid, or the less poplular strafe zon

wind druid is nice since u don't have to worry about resist or PIs

zon actually works pretty good in the pit, u dont even have to see the monsters to kill them, and with knock back, u can use the narrow pathways to funnel your enemies


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Strafezon probably more popular than you think, my all-time fav character I must say. My LS zon has few problems in the Pit, only LI's are the archers, which can be pretty nasty on lvl 2, but overall if you use an elemental character, lightning is the best choice. LS or LF zon are excellent for running the Pits, just have an alternate weapon for the LI's.


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Make sure you have fun

There are a lot of valid MF runners. Make sure to pick the character you actually like to play so running MF won't be such a chore...


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Man, I fly through the pit with my LF javazon. Ya there are some LI's in the pits .. but I'm using a delirium runeword helm and confuse goes off like every 3 seconds, so the LI's are killing each other. I only have like 220% mf on her, but I really don't think it matters, because I do the runs so fast, wearing top gear. My best pit run EVER was Saturday night, in one run I found, Stormshield, shako, the set 'balrog skin', vamp gaze and the unique stelleto (can't remember name) .. now of course this is not 'common', like I said, saturday just happened to be my best run ever, but I've tried doing it with 550mf for a period of about 2-3 weeks and overall, I see no big differences, at least that's how it is for me. maybe I'm just luckey, .. but I woulden't trade my pitrunning LF zon for anything .. :)


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Sure, all those can kill fast in the pit with FIGHING gear on. But how much mf can u put on him before the rate slows down? From personal experience, my skellimancer can run pretty effected with 500-600 mf. so taht gets my vote


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My strafezon is wearing 620mf and it doesnt take many minutes to complete.
So no real problems with lots of mf gear..


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Well my LS zon has 140% MF and she finds tons of great stuff, Warshrike, Viperfork, Aldur's Armor, 297% Ethereal Cranebeak (48% MF), best 1 handed weapon I've ever seen, and the ED and MF are near perfect, need a Zod bad. MF is overrated, and anything over 350% is baggage if it slows you down AT ALL. Oh, and Flayer dropped SS a few feet from Flayer wpt when I just started a run 2 days ago. Thats in just the last few days and not even doing many runs.

She's found many more elite uniques such as +4 Arioc's needle, Baranars, Facet jewel, Demon Limb, Reapers Toll, etc doing Pit runs, and as I said a good Lightning zon has minimal problems there.


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HEY FATTY!! man i need youre acc on west just started an acc there...Neways i think hammerdins, then summon necros are the shiznit but i know you and the way to go is versitility and speed. Bone necro with lots of vita smc are cool and i like pit running with my lf zon. Prob is the archers but i havent died yet.

If you want to do pubby pit while other ppl are there hammerdin is way to go with hf merc to slow down fanat packs:D

P.S. i still refuse to make a hammerdin:p I like my diablo running zon much better:D

P.P.S. My west acc is steve0077 :D


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Pit run

I run the pit with about 500 mf with my wind druid, and have absolutley no problem, its basically a walk in the park :p


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I run the entire pits on switch weapon with hammerdin and rarely gets a stratch... My usual items put me up to 260%mf but i ran the pits as fast on switch with a total of about 385%mf....

I could use WAY more magic find without changing anything to my killing speed in pits imo. So it's really a good place to run as hammerdin with a good mercenary.


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I ran the pits HC with my Hammerdin. THis was at lvl 85.

I am building up a Windy Dru to the same. I have faith in the windy more then the Pally personally.

thanks! :drink:


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Another vote for LF zon.

My LF/PJ zon with 450 MF rips thru everything like swiss cheese.

Then again it's only Act 1 so all reasonable builds should do OK.



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FattyMcGee said:
i'm making a mf pitrunner, and I wanted to know your ideas as to what the best class is. Assume good gear, but no Enigma teleport. thanks.
I have all the mentioned characters, level 94-99 1.09-1.10 and I always choose mt Dexazon 1.09 lvl 99 zon. Using enigma (i dont use the teleport skill when pit running at all) BotD Hydra and Delirium with about 450% MF. Using Strafe always lets me know where monsters are and Delirium is constantly casting "Confuse" so Monsters rarely if ever target me especially archers. Since this character is pure bow and pure dex, she cant take very many hits either melee or ranged, but with CONFUSE all i ever have to do is step back and spam Multi or strafe and those monsters that remain are intently attacking each other, or once in a while targeting my Valk or Merc. If i encounter a Physical immune i just make sure all other monsters are dead, then I pound the immune with Fire Arrow or Magic Arrow and wait for them to die. I never need potions and i never die and best of all I can clear the pits in minutes. When entering lvl 2 of the pits I can just fan out multi and clear the whole room in a few seconds usually never seeing the monsters at all, they are just dead. This character wasnt designed for the Pits since she has max GA and high Multi and only lvl 14 Strafe, i can only Imagine what a well designed Strafe-A-Zon can do in the pits similarily geared.

Its all about SPEED in killing, MF% comes a far second, I have done nearly 300 consecutive Pit runs to prove it to my self, tho anecdotal its proof enough for me=)


Bone necro...Spear doing a couple k damage is torture to all the monsters because they all come in groups. With bone armor I never take any damage at all and only recast it once or twice per run, if that. Bone Prison keeps all enemies away and in the case of archers, keeps them from running. That way when you CE they are all closed up in the radius and can't do anything but die.

I ran the pits with a trapsin as well. Lightning Sentry takes the some out and DS takes the LIs out, most notably in level 2. MB is also a good way to screw the LIs while your merc attacks them with Reaper's Toll or some other extremely powerful weapon =).