best char for killing diablo clone solo


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best char for killing diablo clone solo

Guys please post which char u think is best for killing diablo clone solo.
And do melee chars leech for DClone?
A few i have in mind are:

Strafe Zon
Zeal pala

Liessa Wyrmbane

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I've only fought against DC three times solo, so I have only limited experience, but I can tell you that with my Blizzard/IceBlast sorceress the clone was rediculously easy.

Julius Seizure

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I play HC, and use a 7/2/2/2/2/2, 50% crushing blow, OW, venom kisksin to kill D Clone. It is extremely fast and safe with the constantly spamming 50% life leach from Dracul's grasp (in single to 4 player games that is). Nothing beats a cb kicksin IMO, and its very easy to get such a fast attack.


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Hm...can you actually touch him as a melee char? I have 90% CB, 100% Open wounds and full res on my kicksin (okay, 80% OW is on my HF merc )...sound at least like i should get his health down pretty fast. If not kicking then with Blade Fury..


Any elemental character made half-correctly can kill him easy. Simply get a wand of lower resistance and attack until dead.

Since sorcs have static field, I think sorcs can kill him the fastest.

Julius Seizure

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No Prob

I don't really have a prob hitting dclone, relatively speaking of course. I recomend using dual bartucs for tha AR, and casting enchant from a handy demon limb. Gives well over 15k AR to my assassin. If you are a shield wearing kicker, it would seem you have more cb, but less chance to hit, which is bad IMO because you need to trigger amp.

Also, are you wearing atma's scarab? Without atma's on, he is admittedly much tougher as I believe your CB and damage is reduced insanely.


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Orb sorc with maxed Mastery, high resists, MDR, and a merc using Bonehew... only need to bring a belt of Blues with you.


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Cold FO sorc with around 1100 Orb damage, Lower res Wand, static


15 second kill

What took so long? Well, I forgot to mule my boots and gloves over before dueling him, so I did it almost 25% naked.


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How do skellimancers fare against D Clone? Will the decrep, cold damage and clay golem trick work, or does he just mow skellies down with his lightning attack?

I've got a bad feeling it'd be like fighting normal D at level 20...


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You do NOT want to be fighting the dclone with a solo skellymancer. A bonemancer maybe but a skellymancer alone loses his skeletons way too fast and usually the might merc. And a skellymancer without his minions is no match for the dclone.


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I think Hammerdins and (cold) Sorcs win this one.

Other characters CAN do it, even skellymancers. I read a post about a guy who went down on the way to nihilithak to re-animante dead (poison) serpent lords. Their poison lasts like 10 mins or something ridiculous. So he was able to resurrect a few of them each time, and every time he'd go get more skellies and come back, the poison was still draining big D (slowly). He said it took more than a half-hour but the procedure was sound.

It sucks with a javazon, 2 of us tried one game, and ultimately had to wait for the sorcs/barbs/pallies to show up.


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Skellies dont last long and as said, specialty revives i am sure can help a lot, but the basic skelleis/might/golem is going to make a ton fo trips for more skellies and wihtout something like huge poison he will be fully regened before you get back.

I am willing to bet, but havent tried it that an Avenger with a nice setup can beat him down rather well with his convic/veng and some prevent heal on merc, and a bit of crushing wouldnt hurt.


anyone melee with 100% crushing blow kills him very fast

a cold sor with doom and some cold facets might be the fastest can anyone confirm?


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Hammerdin is a sure safe kill. It may not be as fast as a cold sorc, but you don't have to worry about death unless you just don't know how to play them. I can't even remember the last time I had to use a potion while killing a DC.


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Hammerdin is a effective dclone killer yes. But my lvl80 hammerdin needs 4 red pots and 1 blue pot to take him down. His lightening/fire does no dmg to me but he still manage to take 1/6 of my hp w/ physical attack.

I have yet to try my blizzard/orb sorc w/ a lower resist wand though, nor my ww ik barb.


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Avenger Paladin

I killed D-clone in about 20 mins. I had to go back to town to get more health and mana pots since vengeance doesn't really leave a lot of room for mana steal. Otherwise it was a fun time all around. I got my first annihulis (sp?) charm this morning.