Best case mod ever.


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Awww, sweet :)

Needs a HelloKitty somewhere though ;)

I'm teasing, it's definatly an original idea, and since Hubby modded one of his cases I know that dude put craploads of work into it


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Gotta love the replies to the thread.

"I'm Not sure I would bring this to a LAN party but it's very original"

I can't tell if this guy is joking, or if he has no concept of what a girl is.


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VampiroXIII said:
Eh, I've seen better. Props for originality though, I've never seen a wedding themed computer.
The point isn't that he made a wedding-themed computer, it's that he used a modded computer to propose. :D
That'd be funny if he spent all that time on it then when he showed it to her she said thanks but I don't wanna get married. haha


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I don't know what to say really... I give him points for working on it and getting the job done, but seriouslly all I would say if I was in the same room would be... W-T-F. :fish:


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wow pretty impressive, musta taken massive work. If a woman could turn down a proposal like that, not the kinda woman for me lol