Best builds for different hunting


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Hello there guys, I kind of want to make one ultimate hunter of each character and I wonder what and where that would be.

Paladin: Seems like obvious choice - Hammerdin in CS.
Sorceress: I guess Blizzard for AT
Amazon: Java at cows?
Barbarian: Berserker in pits.

No idea for druid, necro and sin though.

I know that for MF the best best would be simply berserker in pits all day long and for runes lower than jah lk is a no brainer, but I want to be able to switch between the classes to keep it fresh, so any ideas?


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Not an easy thing to answer since some characters are best at multiple things. I'm gonna answer all various things some character is possibly best at.

Paladin: CS is obvious choice. Don't know any other solid choice for paladin. He could be Travincal zealot, but not even close to barb or sorc efficiency. Well, AT foher is fun.
Amazon: definitely javazon at cows and Baal. Other than that...
Necro: I'd stick with p8 pit running, it just that good.
Windy: AT! Click for video and explanation. He is pretty good there and relatively close to sorc (~20% worse).
Assassin: Baal I guess, but also she can do ok at Pit, and is rather challenging to play. She has no good spots in the game or I don't know about them.

Now top 2 classes that are just too strong.

Sorc: possibly better in CS than hammerdin, but they are pretty much tied for top spot (blizzard sorc). Best in LK. Possibly best in AT, but tied for top spot with Concentrate barb who is actually superior if map is good. Pretty much tied with ww barb at Travincal, but most players would prefer barb though since she needs perfect map to be barbs equal. Tied with barb at goldfinding at Travincal, but same story as with regular Travincal running, but I find her better at that task this time. Awesome Baal runner...

Barb: absolutely best Pindle runner period, no one is even close to him. Possibly best Travincal runner or tied with blizzard sorc, top 2 goldfinder along with sorc, best pit runner in both zerker and singer form, as concentrate barb he is tied or even better than sorc in AT, decent wsk runner in concentrate/zerker mix.


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A zealot is pretty nice at doing Baal + minions. A WSK3 map with the entrance to the throne room around the corner would be useful, except you can give him Enigma, as WSK3 has a few PIs.

I'm doing Pits at p7 with a strafezon. It's pretty safe. She has no MF stuff, so I'm doing it for whites, gems, runes, jewels, charms etc, but I guess she could exchange Fortitude with Skullder's and still do a nice job there.

Tunnels: Cold sorc (and Meph+Andy as well)


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FoHer is also a safe pindle runner (FoH + holy bolt OP) but probably only half as efficient as barb lol

If you're looking for more variety, I'm going to (predictably) suggest nihl runs with novamancer/CE necro since on p8 you're killing an entire mob and boss capable of dropping anything (aka HRs from crowd)

also FoH AT <3
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Sup Ergroil, good question. I have often wondered what type of runner is best for each level of WSK ( with no Baal. Altho my runners can take him out if they wanted.) I have found the Fishymancer best for WSK 1 and 2 coz of lack of Phys Immunes there. (A source of teleport is helpful. Najs Puzzler comes to mind. Plus we run at P1. All this at HC btw.) A Trapper is good for WSK 2 and 3 (again with Najs Puzzler. Fade helps with resists.) OFC all of this is dependant on finding the awesome map which I am still in the process of finding, (altho my maps are pretty good I think.)

Id like to hear about this Conc Barb spoken of above if some1 can help me out.


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Maybe his grace will be willing to share his wisdom with us later, but in the meantime here's a little writeup Grip did of his concbarb when he first listed it in the hall of records. I think everyone just assumed it's one of those Grip can do because he's Grip and nobody else can because they lack that ability.


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I know I changed something about that Conc AT barb. I'm pretty sure I went with maximum BO and rest (like 14) points to Howl instead of other way around like I did back then. That level of howl is useful enough and higher BO means higher dps too with Concentrate and higher mana and life.

Also dat trollreek.

Also if no Grief, Enigma and Infinity, then I'd stick to LK to farm them first because without them we talk about inefficient builds, except for AT and CS blizzard sorcs who would rock the world one way or another, and possibly some cheap variation of barb doing Pindle runs possibly with teleport charges on amulet or circlet. He could also do fine at Travincal with Oaths, as well as some Death Zealot. But even then I believe blizzard sorc would just knock them out doing Travi runs with hoto etc, but facing 1 to 2 immunity every round which she could just ignore.
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Does the conc barb only use to primary weapon to attack? So you could have a 6 ist phase blade or something in the off hand?


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6Ist Phaseblade is indeed the desired off-hand for conc or zerk barb, yes. When max says "2x Grief" he's referring to WW Trav barbs.


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Actually, you want Azurewrath secondary for aura because things are otherwise physical immune there, so you want to remove that from monsters.

Here is sample of AT barb from Kimppi to demonstrate basic principles of running there.



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Right. I was thinking you'd just zerk, but magic resistance is high in AT. Also, Gripgod wants to make it seem like lesser beings can do AT barb so he shows Kimpgod video. Good, good. ;p


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Well, isn't Kimppi the only player who actually played with AT barb for MFO? Like, ever. Correct me if I'm wrong. :p
That does make him AT barb master!


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A trapsin can run pindle at P8 rather safely and quickly, as can a Javazon. Infinity is definitely useful for these characters, but I've managed without it. But they aren't going to match a Barb's efficiency, as Find Item is just too good. I'm guessing part of the reason this question was asked was to try and find ways to use other classes as best as possible, as clearly the barb and sorceress have a clear edge in most of the popular magic find areas in the game.


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I'd pick Windy or Hammerdin in a heartbeat as a Pit runner. They're MUCH more relaxing to play than Zerkers. Javazons are great Baal runners as long as you have Infinity, I like Blizzsorcs better for Cow runs. Necros are generally bad runners, they do OK at Baal but are still slower than anyone else. /p7 Pit Novamancer is probably where they're at their best. K/T Sins are good at Baal as well, Kickers are almost as good as Barbs and Smiters at Nilly.


Amazon: Baal, Cows, Pits, Pindle Java
Assassin: K/T Baal, Kick Nilly, Trap Pits
Barbarian: You're pretty much spoiled for choice
Druid: Pit Windy, AT Fissure
Necromancer: Pit Novamancer, Baal Summoner
Paladin: Pit Hammerdin, CS Hammerdin, Trav Hammerdin, Trav Zealot, Nilly Smiter
Sorceress: AT Blizzard, Trav Blizzard, CS Blizzard, Pindle Blizzard, Cows Blizzard, Baal Lightning and so on