best build for nith runs?


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best build for nith runs?

I notice that the retared bugged temple vipers are the most dangerous in nith runs. Is there a build that can do nith runs unscathed? I just cant do it with my meteob anymore. Too many close calls.


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do u think dr would fix this problem??? or maybe try to get that poison reduced 75% mods?? just a thought...i dont really know how it works


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Too avoid taking severe hits from the "Tomb Vipers" you will need some dr% or dmg red by xx...... The damage is physical


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I run nithy all the time with my meterorb. Albeit, I do die sometimes. Usually when I get the worst possible monster trio (vipers, witches and the charging dudes). I just telearound to find nithy and then tele right on top of him. Fireball the pack and hopefully pickup a key. You will need a natures peace for sure and leave your merc dead unless you can kill faster than him. In terms of the vipers, if you tele vs walking, you rarely get hit by the invisible poison cloud. I do also use a SS with max block and use treks vs travs for the runs.


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u have max block. i dont. I went the vita route and i hate the people who said that vita is better.

Silent Shaddow

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i would recomend my kicker/trap hybrid...
altho i lack tele i use BoS and im not much slower than a sorc
i use primarily traps for nithy some time even killing him with out knowing...
when i find nithy i run in front of all his monsters drawing them 2 me the i cast CoS and lay down 5 LS traps... once there are a couple of corpses on the ground i cast 5 ds traps, and i just keep casting them until no more CE triggers...
if nithys not dead then i simply use my shaddow master 2 draw CE fire, telekick at him and pick up my key... as for the vipers... my assa dont stand still long enough for thier poison 2 b a prob that combined with twin carrion winds and i just run straight past.
=-) she runs nithy alot faster and safer than any of the other chars ive tried it with


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Load on -physical damage. It's lots of smallish physical damage attacks. You can get quite a bit on a magic ammy, or you could put a sol rune in a glad bane.


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Merick said:
Load on -physical damage. It's lots of smallish physical damage attacks.
Indeed. Going from memory, the damage is around 30 to 50 physical damage per frame, so ideally you don't need damage reduced by %, but instead straight damage reduction.

Eilo Rytyj

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errr, my IK barb does it just fine. the trick is to leap around and avoid the poison clouds altogether.

The clouds don't hurt if you're not in them.


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Also, it helps to load up on fhr. I haven't seen anyone post that yet, but depending on the character, just get enough fhr to meet the next closest breakpoint, and you should be able to recover quickly enough to tele to safety.

Otherwise, you can always build a barb. Even without enigma, you canl leap your way through the halls very quickly, and you will have enough life to be safe.


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wear a 4 sol armor, another sol in your helmet and shield and you can eliminate a good deal of the damage done by the snakes and witchs.


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I use a zealot/1pt smiter.

With CTA 2600 life 40+DR Max res. Wears Enigma for TP and Phoenix for the redemption. Never die.


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I found that standard hdin build worked very well. If you get a decent BO cta, and have fast reflexes, you could do fine. I had no problem running nith in full baal games. I needed to drink juvies now and then, and my merc died sometimes, but the return was well worth it. If you're fast, you can kill nith by the first wave, and the drop rate for keys in full games is huge: when i was collecting keys, i was getting about 1 for every 3 runs, and sometimes 2 or 3 at a time.


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I've been doing Nihl runs using my Hammerdin. I pop on a nature's peace and teleport next to Nihl and spam hammers. Most times I can kill Nihl before he can use his corpse explosion on balrogs that my merc killed. I then spam hammers to get the rest of the monsters in the area. I've died only a couple times in many runs.


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A Gladiator's Bane + an ammy with Life Everlasting mod should make you virtually immune to those vipers.
Personally I'm most happy with my summoning necro when doing dkey runs. I enter through Pindle portal, summon an army, kill pindle, then teleport down to Nihlathak and kill him. Two TC87 bosses in the run, and the feeling of killing Nihlathak using Corpse Explosion is just great:).


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I use a Tele ww barb. he tanks the corpse explosion. and with extra mf he winds up getting some great items as well. I tried the hammerdin before as well and with a laggy comp I always had trouble dealing with the corpse explosion and those vipers. Necros are great for nihl runz too. Boning and summoning are really effective there.


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Personally, I use my Uber Zealot/1pt Smiter with a Nature's Peace and have no trouble (no BO, 1677 life). FYI - The PDR on Nature's Peace varies and there is a noticable difference between 7 and 11. I recently upgraded and was pleasantly surprised. The only other source of PDR I have is my rare ammy (2 or 3 I think).


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I die once maybe every twenty runs. And that's only if i get hit by the witches curse, poisoned, AND the viper charges me.

nigma/hoto/arachs/zak etc. works great. Oh. and natures peace is an ABSOLUTE MUST. Kills his strongest attack right there.


Hammerdin + Enigma + NP (high life/max DR/block hdins may get away without the ring actually) and Nihlathak is quite dead. This is a pop and not that cheap build, but you asked for the best and here it is.