Best Bow for my Barb


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Best Bow for my Barb

Ive set out on a wierd mission to get every character except a Amazon into hell using skills built around using a bow. Part of the problem was figuring out wich bow I would like to use with each build. I came up with the following according to differant build guides and my own ideas on builds.

Asn/upped Buriza-Do Cyanon build BoS,Warrior,venom,LS/DS
Nec/HellRack build LR,Amp,Decrep,BS,BW,BP,IG
Dru/Harmony RW blade bow build hunter full summons
Sorc/Demon Machine build enchantress,maybe lite hybrid
Pally/Kuko Shakaku build Hfire,Hshock,RF,RL,salvation
Barb/no clue build no clue

Only problem is I have no clue what bow to use on a barb I dont want it to be a repeat. I just am not sure how best to compliment my bow with skills till I know what bow to use. Id like to see what ideas people here might have on this.


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might be interesting to try and make a Venom RW bow
Hit Causes Monster To Flee 25%
Prevent Monster Heal
Ignore Target's Defense
7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Level 15 Poison Explosion (27 Charges)
Level 13 Poison Nova (11 Charges)
+273 Poison Damage Over 6 seconds
and turn him into a singer type barb with grim wards and let poison do its thing


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hmm not a bad idea though it would have to be in a high damage weapon I beleave since theres no ED with venom the ignore targets defense would be nice. though would the ITD make battle cry useless? Thnx for the idea Im off to bed but will look into teh deatails with using that bow a bit more after work tomorrow.


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I thought about a BowBarb too.

I came up with that:
Max Grim Ward
Max BO
Max Shout
Some Nat Resist
Rest in Iron Skin

Harmony in a Great Bow or Diamond Bow (or even a Colossus XBow)
Shako, Ravenfrost, Mara's, +AR charms.

Stock up on +all skills to increase the Valkyrie from Harmony.

I have not tried this.



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If you have a WF, a barb would do some pretty nice damage with it. The attack speed would probably kill you though.
Another idea is to get a very fast bow, fill your inv with max/elemental damage charms. I got about 5k poison damage with a zon from this back in the bnet days and could mow down cows, but I think that was in 1.09, though it may still be a viable option since many monsters in NM arent too immune to elemental damage.


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how about the magic widow maker, gives a lovly +5 ga and very nice damage, and go with the grimward singer idea


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Widows not to bad an Idea and I havnt used one so far I had tried to avoid it cause everyone almost with a non zon bow build had used one but it may be just the thing with a barb who cant pull off of summons to help kill things.


How about this?

Assassin: Widowmaker - To deal Venom without worrying about AR, or upped Goldstrike Arch for better speed and higher physical dmg.
Pally: Windforce / Gut Siphon - Fanaticism / Holy Aura hybrid
Barb: Buriza - make use of war cries to get max benefit from 100% pierce


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I have a Goldstrike arch ready for her next lvl of bow use and thats not a bad idea on the asn, would also make the buriza available for the barb wich would be nice. Now Windforce may be hard to come by for me, but I beleave I have a gut siphon around here somewhere I may give it a look.
the buriza and battlecry may be a nice way to go on the barb not sure about the widow though its nice on the asn though. thnx for all the great ideas gives me lots to think about. And Im not sure what those stats are deaddave.


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The Harmony Runeword bow is awesome. Forget dealing physical damage with a barbarian w/bow. They simply don't have the nice skills to boost base damage. Instead, as I did with my 'Patriarch SaborTheSkilled', get as much elemental damage as you can, as much poison as you can carry, and get yourself a nice fast bow.

I'll try and dig him up. He's sitting on one of my backup cd's somewhere...

*begins plundering desk drawer...*