Best boss killer for lightning sorc - poll

Do you want a Vita MB Blizzard PvP sorceress guide?

  • Oh yes! I love Blizzard!

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  • Been wanting to make one but not sure how or if its a good build, so this would help!

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  • Kinda passive, but sure wouldnt mind reading anyway!

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  • Nah, Blizzard is horrible in PvP!

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  • Not interested in PvP at all

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uh, I don't think you'll get any hard numbers with a poll. Just a lot of opinions.

But I'll start off by saying that Charged Bolt does the most damage per second, assuming you can fire from point blank range. If you need some distance, then lightning is the best.


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btw, are all 24 bolts hitting the monster assuming you tele jumped him?

and does the size of the monster in target matter?

more stable dmg + higher fcr.


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ok, if ur doing this stunt regularly u have to go rite beside the boss..and take a swing at him with ur hoto/eshuta's/fathom/etc to measure the distance (es and good resists are required). then CB away, the bosses have a hard time hitting u..and 90% of the time don't even connect. However, if you move slightly or they move slightly..u can be in for a big suprise. Even when diablo uses his flame thrower he can't touch you if ur doing it rite.