Best bear build?

Best bear build?

What are the different bear builds for druid?

I dont like wolfs.. awrooooooooooooo

Nah serious i like a big tank bear. Pvm and if possible mfruns/keyruns

What builds can i choose from?

Lord Nyax

There's the Kodiack (Maul type and Hunger type) Bear. Janus has a nice Hunger Druid guide out there. Sounds like a ton of fun to me...

There's also a Fire Claw druid. Those are pretty effective or so I've heard.


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What!?!?! You don't like wolves?!?!?!!? Burn him alive!

Just joking there! I'm still heavily biased toward wolves, but Valvolux is a renown proponent for the bear druid population. He'll probably tell you that there's no 'best' bear build, but it depends on your style of playing. We'll wait for his 'official' comments. Additionally, there was one poster who coined the phrase "Defense Bear", another 'Shockwave Bear', so there are some interesting iterations of the bears out there. The bears are just not super common, come to think of it neither are us wolves.

good luck and good hunting! (even if you're a bear!)


ps: Valvolux is gonna fry me for these comments :p

pps: One guy posted this about bear builds:

ok well honestly i believe u cant go wrong with hunger bear :) use flamebellow and fire claws n u will hit about 7k fire claws with 3 frames hitting and you can always switch over to something like botdz n pheonix

honestly i think best bear build wuld b

6\6\2 cta
spirit (4 cta)
bramble, coh or best would be fort
bk ring
p ravenfrost
highlords, cats eye OR +3 ss ammy
dracs or lava gout
gores or travs
9x ss gc's
as many high psn sms u can fit in the rest of ur space
this will make you do rufly about 5-8k damage fire claws

the skills i wuld put up would be
20 lyc
20 wb
20 fireclaws
20 into either oak sage or How (which ever u want damage or hp)
20 Maul


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If you build to fireclaws, I suggest you use a 105 ias gris caddy - that's a 5 frame maul/fireclaw. You can charge up maul, the weapon benefits from prebuffing the skill werebear, and you can kill fire immunes much more quickly. If this is all pvm you might even want to use a pelt with dream in it - + maul and fc are good automods to look for.
Chains of Honor is your best friend, gore riders are phenomenal boots, blood fists save the day as always. You can use highlords wrath to boost up your physical element, or a +2 druid crafted ammy to boost up fireclaws and stats. Stormshield with max block is your best bet. 1 point into shockwave is all you will ever need.