Best band of the 90's?


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Hey Intolerance, nice to see another big Nirvana fan.

Some of my favourites :

Drain you
Pennyroyal tea
All apologies
Blew (From the muddy banks of the wishkah)
About a girl
Come as you are
The man who sold the world
You know you're right
Swap meat
Serve the servants
Frances farmer will have revenge on Seattle
And of course Lithium :thumbsup:

I also REALLY like Alice in Chains, and the Smashing Pumpkins


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I think in the long run you'll see how much influence Tool will have had over the generations currently listening.

I love how a lot of you say things like "Oh man that band isnt close to being influential original or anything else admirable" or the old "How can you say this band is good when they CLEARLY have been influenced"

Id love whatever half assed justifications I could get for those pathetic responses but its not worth reading.

And then theres that one dude who decided to name every band he could remember hearing in the 90's.


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I'd like to get a moderator in this thread. Clearly, every post here should be edited to look exactly like Durf's first post.

There is one, simple, true answer to this question. Radiohead.

(warning: hyperbole)


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In terms of what was at least played on the radio, I vote for Faith No More.

Other bands that pretty much led the way on the radio stations during the 90's include:
Stone Temple Pilots
Alice in Chains
Pearl Jam
Smashing Pumpkins
Rage Against the Machine

I only like a few of those bands and I really wouldn't call any of them my favorites. I've more recently come to accept that radio music is mostly garbage intended to be background sound for other activity. Sadly this is even more true today than it was back then.


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Alex_Str said:
90's was a horrible decade for bands.
Early 90's - no Late 90's - yes

Intolerence - thats a nice list, all great songs. Heres what I think are the top 10 rare songs:
1. Sappy
2. Spank Thru
3. Oh, The Guilt
4. Endless, Nameless
5. Token Eastern Song
6. Talk to Me
7. Verse Chorus Verse
8. Even in his Youth
9. Blandest
10. I Hate Myself and I Want to Die


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I think Nirvana's a great band but I feel they're really overrated kind of like Metallica, but not the same extent, at least in my school.

My top band of the 90's is Sublime, in fact they're my favorite band. Not exactly because of any influence they had on music (because honestly they didn't have a huge one) just for the simple fact that I absolutely love their music and to me thats all that really counts.


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Intolerance said it pretty well.
Personally, I'd say Nine Inch Nails are high up in my list.
I can agree with anyone that says Nirvana (all four Seattle grunge bands actually) RAtM and Tool.

Its really quite impossible to narrow it down to one, since everybody's taste is so different.


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Nirvana....Nirvana....Nirvana....and Nirvana.

wasent much into music in the 90's except Nirvana and othe random bands which i can't remember anymore...mainly because the Pop-Boy/Girl bands got ahold of me for a while...of course now i despise them with a vengence.

EDIT: Heres a few of my favorite bands From the 90's which I forgot....
- Alanis Morissette (still a Favorite)
- Alice in Chains
- Bif Naked
- Our Lady Peace (The One Band I Repsect the Most)
- Pearl Jam


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"I think Nirvana's a great band but I feel they're really overrated kind of like Metallica, but not the same extent, at least in my school."

Yeah Metallica is overrated. I mean Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets were pure *delete*. Same with St. W/-\nkerr. (No sarcasm with W/-\nker).

I think Metallica finally reached the holy land when people started going to OzzFest, just to see Metallica?

But we are talking about a good 90's band.. And Metallica isn't even close.(90's that is)

I'd have to say Mogwai. (late 90's) Anyone hear of the song "Killing all the flies" ? It gives me a chill down my spine everytime I hear it..

Or maybe CODY on Mogwai's Come on die young?

It's not like they rid the world from the evils of hairspray and spandex.. but hey, I just can't stop listening to their CD's coming home from a long day of work..

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