best baal runner


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i have a wwbarb who does ok. i need to try him against hell baal solo and see what happens. its the undead that i worry about but i think i can get around it. of course he has great gear to.

but my necro has no problem soloing hell baal 8 players. he is poison i would go with bone if i had to do it over again.

Lord Nyax

There are a couple of good choices, and it mostly depends on if you have to Teleport or not.

Need to Teleport:
  1. Hammerdin
  2. Lightning Sorc (fewer immunities)
  3. Blizzard/Orb/Meteor Sorc
  4. Wind Druid
No Teleport
  1. Javazon (hands down)
  2. Hammerdin/Lightning Sorc
  3. Trapsin
  4. Blizzard/Orb/Meteor Sorc
These are all based on my opinions, experience, and statistics from the Ladder (A Trapsin and, I think, a Lightning Sorc were among the first to hit 99).

P.S: A WW-Barb tends to...not work so well. Theoretically it could, but the need to engage in Melee, and the fact that Baal is constantly Decripfying you...casters just have repetetive PvM killing down way easier than Melee guys.

EDIT: Aha, reading comprehension FTW. Solo --> Teleport --> 1st list. :dunce:


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what in everyones opinion is the best solo hell baal mf/runner

I'm going to go with a Summoner-type of necro.