best auras for skelly pvm necro


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best auras for skelly pvm necro

What are the best aura setups?

Im looking for best all around pvm char with ... maybe uber pvm as primary goal.

I have currently:

Arm of King Loric
+1 all skill ammy
arach belt
mf gloves
rings (need better ones atm... but looking for sojs or best + skills)

I am looking at using Bramble, pride and dream on my act 2 might merc.

That should give me:

Might, Thorns, Concentration, and Holy shock for my auras... is this good or what? Is any merc aura setup better for ubers or what?

I figure... with this my damage will be great, and the reflect and holy shock should keep any undead and all monsters dieing from hitting my skeleies.

I have full summoning and 1 in all curses and max corpse explosion.


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Depends, the merc you plan on using will do decent amounts of damage, yet he could be better. Id switch out bramble for fort or coh for ubers. Fort will give him incredible dmg, more useful that bramble whioch is only good when stacked with edge+amp. Coh would be better for ubers do to the amazing resists it offers.
The overall best merc setup for the ubers would be
Um'ed Guillaimes Face for the CB
Eth Infinity Crytic Axe for the Conviction aura and CB
Elite Armor CoH for the resists, dmg reduction, and life leach