best aura combinations


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best aura combinations

hey, i'm trying to figure out the best equip to use. I'm too poor to test, so information would be very helpful.

first are some assumptions.
-ias doesn't affect skellies, fanat aura does increase the attacking speed of skellies
-skellies have no problem hitting enemies at lvls over 30 for sm and rs. althought the ar is resonably low, they still land most blows.
-mercs can only use the last equiped addind aura item and their own, you rejoin the game to obtain all auras again.
-using a might merc

please post your opinion on which is best.

Merc weapons
infinity with conviciton lvl 12
doom with holy freeze lvl 12
hand of justice holy fire lvl 16
insight with meditation lvl 10-17
phonix redemption lvl 10-15
pride concentration lvl 16-20

merc armour
bramble with thorns lvl 15-21
dragon holy fire lvl 14

merc helm
dream holy shock lvl 15

character auras -assuming 1 h weapon or armour
beast 1h weapon lvl9 fanat
lawbringer 1h weapon lvl16-18 snctuary

what about
a might merc using pride and using char using beast?

might dunno what lvl (lvl 15 ish) +180%dmg radius 23

concentration 16-20 +285-345%dmg radius27.3-32.6

fanat lvl 9 +186% dmg +80%atck +29%speed radius 7.3ish

bramble armour for thorns

using call to arms for bc and bo.

and heart of the wolverine from wisp protector
lvl 5 +48% dmg +53%atck radius 20

+699-759% dmg
+123% AR
+29% ias

is this the best set of weapons/auras for skellies?


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If you are a fishymancer, CE is very important. For that you can either use Insight or Infinity. Infinity gives you a more powerful blast against non-immunes while Insight lets you chain CE.

I prefer Insight so I can Chain Corpse Explosion since it clears out much faster in larger games plus the mana regen means you can tele forever and you will never fear another mana burner monster. Infinity makes Cow games a joke since no Cows are fire immune (amp + conviction = omg big hurty CEs !), non fire immunes also die in droves from one power packed CE, not to mention the skellies have an easier time hitting stuff, especially bosses. Also its a nice boost to those who use mages.

Both are great to use, just choose one. Insight will be more bang for your buck if you are on budget and its absolutely rocking in big games. Infinity is POWERFUL but expensive. Both have their meritd which makes them almost equal in my eyes. If you are a rich summon necro who likes to Uber (this is where chance to hit beats damage since you do not want the skellies to miss to often) or kill bosses, Infinity is obviously the better choice, if you are an area runner, you cannot go wrong with Insight since there is usually no lack of corpses for chain CE.

Doom offers more crowd control but it WILL SHATTER corpses, so it will make your life alot more difficult due to corpse shatter. Big No no.

HoJ = waste of time and runes since you cant glitch merc now.

Phoenix = looks cool. Your merc will not die except against IM but with all the corpses getting "redempted" makes this a bad bad idea. No No.

Pride = Ah yes. The big hurty stick of doom for your entire army. It increases the damage of the skellies exponently letting them mow through almost any enemy that has being amped or decripfied. Expensive as hell though. Big YES if you can get this one.


Bramble = Not quite effective since you will usually do just fine. Alittle bit of extra damage when they hit the skellies cant be too bad. Not really needed in my book.

Dragon = again waste of runes, without merc glitch or resist fire synergy, its fire aura is too weak. Big No No.


Dream = again not needed. Also it has CTC confuse which will mess up some curses. Your merc does not need so much aura items anyway. Consider giving him a leech helm like Tals, Gaze, Thieves or Andy's face.