Best armor for Zealer.


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doksan said:
whats the cc and dc build?
I don't know if its the same for all the realms but on east ladder at least, when someone says cc (cookie cutter) build they are refering to this more or less:
80ed/30ias coa
angelic ammy/rings
edc (eth death cleaver)
cham'd levi
up'd gores

you bo with a fal'd hoz, this saves you str because you put just enough into str to be able to equip levi with the 30 str from hoz then when you switch back the + str on levi lets it stay equip as well as gives you enough for coa and rends. It also gives you a higher holy shield than if you were to bo with spirit.

And most people with this build will you max/ar/lifers or max/ar/lifers+ a few ar/lifers just a few tho.


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CoH is the best PvM armor for a non ladder / SP player. Enigma is good for pvp especially tele smite but not so useful for the average PvM player.

Fort is an excellent armor though !


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I llike Guardian Angel for PVM. Don't forget that the dex it saves from its increased chance to block can be used for str (more damage) or vit (more life). Plus its fun to run around with 90% resists. Put 10 points in resist lightning as well and say 'Gloams - what gloams?'