Best A5 Merc weapon


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Best A5 Merc weapon

What do you guys think is the best or most fun weapon for barb mercs to use on any character.

eBotD CB

Grief CB

eth Last Wish CB

eth Crescent Moon CB

eth Eternity CB

eth Hand of Justice CB

eth Kingslayer CB

eth Death CB

eth Destruction CB

Lawbringer CB

eth Oath CB

eth Pheonix CB

eth Grandfather with 40/15

eth Fury CB

eth Silence CB

eth Doombringer with 40/15

Bul kathos CB


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Never used an Act 5 Merc, but if they can duel wield then 2xDoom for the HF Aura.

Of course you could get an almost identical effect from an Act 2 NM Defensive Merc which comes with a free HF Aura and then give him an Infinity or Insight for casters or Reapers Toll or Pride or Obedience for Melee.


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eth Last Wish CB
Game set and match.

That's all you need to know right there.

6% Chance To Cast Level 11 Fade When Struck
10% Chance To Cast Level 18 Life Tap On Striking
20% Chance To Cast Level 20 Charged Bolt On Attack
Level 17 Might Aura When Equipped
+330-375% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignore Target's Defense
60-70% Chance of Crushing Blow (varies)
Huge res and DR. He casts LT for you which frees your gear. Between 530-575 total ED and 200 of that goes to you too. Hits everything and massive CB to cut down bosses. Give him a Fort and chamed andys.


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Act 5 mercs CAN'T dual wield or use a shield.

On mine I have a rare sword with 350-800 or so damage with LL and ctc. When we hit the chaos sanctuary I use Lawbringer on him.


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Another thought.

Eth Phoenix
100% Chance To Cast level 40 Blaze When You Level-up
40% Chance To Cast Level 22 Firestorm On Striking
Level 10-15 Redemption Aura When Equipped (varies)
+350-400% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignores Target's Defense
14% Mana Stolen Per Hit
-28% To Enemy Fire Resistance
20% Deadly Strike
+350-400 Defense Vs. Missile (varies)
+15-21 Fire Absorb (varies)
That redemption would make him hard to kill. Wear a glitched eth Trechery and Eth chamed vamp. 35 DR very fast, attack, poison damage. Might be good if you're a mage and sit back. Let him suck up the bodies.


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If it's a merc for a caster, I suggest to use a runeword with crushing blow, like Death. Add a little IAS by e.g. a Treachery armor which also provides ctc fade when struck, together with Andariel's Face with Ral, for leech and more IAS. In addition, Death can be used by PCs as well, as it's indestructible, in case you aren't satisfied with your merc.

I'm not sure if an act 5 merc should have DR. If yes, get him a Vampire Gaze and Shaftstop, to be socketed with IAS jewels, as Death has no IAS at all.


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i have a sorc with a5 merc lvl 89

his current gear is a delerium, 2.2k e-fort, lwcb
2.6-4.6k dmg, 4.3k def, 9.2k with chill, 1,950 life, and curses often

makes a nice tank