Believe in aliens/UFOs?


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Believe in aliens/UFOs?

Check this site out: http://www.ufotube.************

It's like the YouTube of UFO videos. There's a plethora of really cool videos, and some really interesting coincidences. And it's so ridiculously obvious that there's military involvement in the phenomenon... infact, there's a video showing an army helicopter hovering & investigating over an area where a UFO was spotted at the day after. Check out the post near the bottom titled "derbyshire-like ufo caught in england," or something like that. I thought it was pretty convincing.

By no stretch of the mile am I loony conspiracy theorist, but I do cherish the ufo/alien phenomenon cuz I think it's an important & real issue we're going to have to face in a few years.

Oh, and hi!!! My name's Chris (Reznor).



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Do aliens exist? Almost certainly.

Are they constantly flying over us for no apparent reason and deliberately avoiding making direct contact? Don't be silly.

Any relation to Trent Reznor?
Or those triceratops things in Mario 3?