Belated Matriarch Thread

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Belated Matriarch Thread

Since this has been coming up frequently lately, and I've meant to get around to posting it since it happened, here's my most recent untwinked matriarch. She killed Baal close to three months ago, but I just got internet access at home quite recently. Oh, and as a disclaimer: Her name occurred while I was very, very tired. I apologize to anyone bothering to read about her, and more importantly, to the character herself. The computer she existed on was, for some odd reason, required to be ATMA-free. By the time she got moved to my home computer, she was already Matriarch, and I would feel bad about changing her name after finishing.

Matriarch BigAndPointy
Untwinked LF/FA Hybrid-Zon. 1.10 SC, Level 82

Base Stats (Modified Stats - looking at ATMA, might have missed a mod or two somewhere)
Str: 106 (126)
Dex: 125 (155)
Vit: 204 (204)
Ene: 15 (25)
Remaining: 50
Life: 965
Mana: 309

Resists in hell (Bow Switch / Jav Switch):
Fire: 34 / 47
Cold: 12 / 31
Ltng: 75 / 75
Pois: 12 / 31

Base Skills (Modified Skills on appropriate switch. Bow/Jav for passives):
Jab: 1 (5)
Lightning Fury: 20 (24)
Dodge/Avoid/Evade: 1 (3/5)
Valkyrie: 13 (17)
Pierce: 7 (9/11)
Cold Arrow: 20 (23)
Frozen Arrow: 20 (23)
Pre-Reqs x3: 1 (3-5 depending)
Remaining: 0

Equipment (This is by *far* the best equipment I've ever found for an untwinked char):
Head: 'Lore' Skull Cap
Amulet: Chromatic Amulet of the Sentinel (+30 res all, -2 Mag Dmg)
Body: Skin of the Vipermagi 'Um' (+46 res all um'd)
Hands: "Hailstone Clutches" Crafted Blood Gloves (13 dex, 12 LR, 2% LL, 20 IAS, 5% CB)
Belt: "Brimstone Lock" Crafted Blood Belt (7 str, 18 life, 3% LL, 10% FHR, 8% OW)
Boots: Sander's Riprap
Ring1: Bahamut's Ring (+93 mana)
Ring2: Cathan's Seal
Weapon1: "Plague Quill" Great Bow (154% ED, +1-15 Dmg. Imbued, incidentally)
Weapon2: "Fiend Barb" Short Spear (+2 skills, PMH, Increased Stack Size. Abyssmal inherent damage.)
Shield2: PDiamond Whitstan's Guard

Assorted charms with life, mana, resistances, and cold/physical damage. Highlights:
Coral Grand Charm of Dexterity (+25% LR, +4 dex)
Fine Small Charm of Blight (+2/+15)
Fletcher's Grand Charm of Strength (+5 Str, +1 Bow Skills)
Toxic Small Charm (+100/5sec)
Sharp Large Charm of Craftsmanship (+6 max, +34 AR)
Shimmering Large Charm of Dexterity (+6 res, +3 dex)
Fine Small Charm of Strength (+2/+15/+2)

Emilio, Level 81 Holy Freeze Merc
Str: 179(199)
Dex: 144(144)
Life: 1768
Resists in hell: 75/60/60/60
Head: Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
Body: Toothrow
Weapon: Kelpie Snare

So, yes. As I said. Luckiest (as far as usefulness goes) drops I've ever seen on any of my untwinked chars. No area rerunning, apart from baal runs between difficulties (I level up to 50 before entering NM, and 75 before entering hell.) I don't really think her success was due to her godly eq, however. Most of the equipment is rather defensive in nature, and nothing generally survived long enough to actually hit that much. If it wasn't CI or CBF, it was FA'd to death. If it was CI, it was LF'd to death. if it was CI/LI, everything near it died using the aforementioned methods, and then the merc/valk took their sweet time disposing of the remains.

If anyone wants any more information, I'll gladly provide.

Very fun char, IMO.



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That's quite impressive to me, congrats :clap:
Does LF really work that well without any synergies ?

Edit: and oh, BigAndPointy sounds far better than some of my older char names :teeth:


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nice work. with that name she should be using a big and point stick, but a short spear is close enough.


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Congrats on the mat! :thumbsup: Now that you've reached endgame, I would probably spend those unspent points in vitality unless you have some equipment with higher reqs that you're determined to find.

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@BuFa: LF synergies, IMO, are completely pointless. 1% damage boost per point. wheee. On a hybrid-zon, skill points are kinda scarse. On a LF/CS zon, LF synergies get maxed, definitely, but it's to synergize CS, rather than LF. So, short answer, yes. It's fully effective unsynergized.

@logger: She actually had a much bigger and better pointy stick for a while. Until, while using the sell/buy trick to repair my jav at one point, I suddenly discovered that if you sell a jav stack that has 0 remaining, you don't get the opportunity to buy it back. And, by that point, I had realized that mods other than +skills and replenish/increased stack are essentially irrelevant for untwinked LF.

@essojay: My philosophy on spare points is that if I'm in a situation where there aren't any gaping holes I need to cover, and I'm not dying every time a quill rat looks at me funny, I hold back a good chunk (50 is a bit more than normal, it's usually around 20.) Just in case I decide there's a new piece of equipment I desperately want to use, or that I need an extra +50% ED on my bow (from dex) or any number of other things. Basically, the extra life won't do anything, IMO, since the only way I die is through fluke situations that is just as likely to kill one of my twinked high life chars (convicting gloams for example.)

And, regardless, my untwinked chars rarely get to see much action after reaching mat/pat.