Being hit with Slow%


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Being hit with Slow%

Didn't get a satisfactory answer in the Paladin forum, perhaps here would be better;

I am unsure of how to do the calculations to figure out the additional IAS needed to counteract being slowed.

For example:

Lets say I'm using a GriefZ and I have level 6 Fanaticism. By the weapon speed calculator, I'll need 75% IAS to reach a 6 FPS smite.

What if I'm hit withs a Cleglaw's user (25% slow). What would be the additional IAS needed to restore the 6 FPS smite?

One poster stated it's a straight subtraction (75% IAS - 25% Slow = 50%) while another stated it was a multiplicitive factor (75% IAS x (100% - 25% Slow) = 56.25%).

Would anyone know the definate answer?


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id guess slow is eias and youd need to add alot more ias to counteract

eg zeal with grief zerker - with lvl 20 fana (35eias) you need 60ias
lets say nos coil was used against you for 10% slow i think this would be same as zealing with 25%eias (ie lvl 5 fana) which is 86%ias
so to cover the 10% slow you would need 26% more ias in this case.

Really though i dont know how it works if its just negative eias but it is definitely more than standard ias.

for your example if this was right you would need just under 180%ias (total including the grief ias) to retain 6frame smite (lvl 6 fana = 26%eias - 25 = 1%eias) ~174%ias needed

id like a nice answer too but this is my guess.