Behind the Veil #7


Behind the Veil #7

Returning to his usual "inside the creation of an MMORPG" theme, after last column's Bill Roper interview, Chris Marks talks this time about the crucial "Sell Document" that you must design if you're serious about going beyond the "I've got this great idea for a game." stage.


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hmm a good read, very interesting read for aspiring modder's and programmers out there. Working a game from a thought to a shipped disc isn't as easy as it might seem. Lookin forward to the next one


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Hey Flux, seeing as you made a post here, whatever happened to your column? I really had fun reading them.

I like programming, and might want to do something involving it as a job or something. Unfortunately, I'm a beginner, so I've still got lots to learn.


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Making a video game is an aspiring dream for lots of people, but maybe after the how to MMORPG articles are finished, a how to in getting your foot into the door of becoming an employee of a company from anywhere from Blizzard to Square Enix or Microsoft. I think that would be an interesting read as well.



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An interesting read, maybe, but not really long enough to be a column. It basically comes down to two things: Develop a network of contacts, by any means necessary, and don't be afraid to ship off your resume. It's really just like any other job.

The contacts are more important than you might think, though, as about 80% of computer-related jobs are never advertised, but filled by people who know people. I've had two jobs in the computer industry, and that's how I got both of them.