Beginning again - Still in love with the Necromancer! ifra


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Beginning again - Still in love with the Necromancer!

Greetings all my Diablo friends!

I am coming back to this game after having not played since 1.09, and various other times before that. The very significant amount of changes is almost overwhelming to me, but one thing remains constant: my love of the Necro. My very first character that rainy day in 2000, that day I opened DII for the first time, was the Necromancer. He appealed to me in appearance, excellent voice acting, and amazing spells. After a while, I realized that the poor man's skeleton's blocked his path, and many other bizarre glitches exploded in my face. I went on to Barbarians, almost never looking back to Necromancers. It is today that I come back, triumphantly, and view my old friend again.

The changes which have come to pass on the Necro are amazing to me. A full set of items which TRANSFORM you, move-through skeletons, FAST skeletons, strong skeletons; simply amazing! I feel like a child in a sweets-shoppe with the Necromancer, and that's saying something after I maxed Teeth back in 2000. :laugh: The amazing new runewords and other skills, most of all the final recognition of summoning, blows me away. I am officially back here in Diablo II, and though USEast is looking rather bleak and less lively than once before, it is still promising.

We must all give the creator of the Fishymancer some applause, for, from what I see here, it has become a staple of the new order of the modern Diablo playing. I am excited to see what changes have been made overall, and I'll be doing so for the first time with a formidable skeleton army. No more weak bags of bones for me, I suppose - this should definitely be fun. Moreover, beginning entirely untwinked (This evening I created my first new account since 2004) should really prove just how amazing the Skelemancer can be, I think. While I did see Hammerdins come and Lance Barbs (mostly) go, this Necromancer development is the most exciting! At least there are no Nova Sorcs left to destroy my ambitions.

I shall report on my experiences here with this almost entirely new playing experience, if that is ok! I just love the Necro - heck, this could even be a Necromancer appreciation topic, if there weren't so many of them already.


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Re: Beginning again - Still in love with the Necromancer!

Hey there, welcome aboard matey!

Yeah, Necromancers are fun and Fishymancers are one of the most powerful, safe and versatile builds out there. And one of the most enjoyable, too. The Necromancer was my first choice as well. Although I screwed him up (trying to max Fire Golem and Bone Spirit doesn't really work), my next try was the Fishymancer and it rocked!


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Re: Beginning again - Still in love with the Necromancer!

Yea...I always come back to necros as well. I keep a pure summoner (PvM), a boner (PvM/PvP), and a poison necro (PvP). Each variety of necro is fun in its own way. And not the mindless sort of character like a hammerdin or a wind druid.