Beginner Sorc [Frozen Orb]


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Beginner Sorc [Frozen Orb]

Before I started in this game, ive read around its better to focus on one particular skill and such instead of getting one skill point into every skill. Reading this, ive created a Sorc with Frozen Orb [20 Points into Orb, Bolt, and Cold Mastery]. Im wondering what I should stick the rest of my skill points into.

The only problem is getting decent gear to go with, and also I herd that creating a sorc is good for MFing because its not very item dependant.

So, what is some good cheap gear to MF with without losing killing capability. Keep inmind that I dont have stuff to trade for except alot of gems, and if anyone WOULD accept perfect gems for good gear, would be appreciated.


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One point in warmth, teleport, frost shield and static field are a must, spend them at the earliest opportunity. Next is a point in cold mastery. If you want to make a pure cold sorc, don't use FO, but maximize blizzard and its synergies. FO is the cold skill of choice for a two element sorc. For a pure cold sorc, invest into blizzard and its synergies in a way that you can cope with the mana costs. Investing into blizzard will add the most damage, but mana costs will increase. Investing into synergies adds less damage while the mana costs stay the same. Cold mastery is to be maxed last.

Your first target of choice should be nightmare Mephisto. Lure him to the moat, then teleport on the other side, with enough distance to him, so he cannot follow and (for some reason) he doesn't cast spells on you.

For more information check the sorc forum, it has lots of builds.


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Yep, a pure cold sorc is best as a blizzard sorc. Though I'd argue that if you're going to go with a single damage tree (i.e of fire/cold/light), you're better with a pure lightning sorc. If you want to sacrifice killing speed for a bit more versatility (and an easier time solo-ing through Hell without having to post help public games like help kll diablo etc...), I'd recommend a meteorb sorc.


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Maybe I didnt explain it well enough, ive ALREADY have 20 points into Orb, Bolt, and Mastery, 1 into pre-reqs, 1 into teleport and warmth, and 1 into the second cold armour.

What im looking for is rather cheap but good MF armour that I could use to kill off Hell Meph and such.

And a note, my merc has a freezing aura, along with an insight polearm.


You definitely wanna put some points into energy shield and then pump telekinesis as much as u can to synnergize ES. With insight and a good pool of mana, you should be a tank with ES on.

Oh btw, whats the point of gettin a holy freeze merc when all ur attacks freeze the enemy anyway?? Get an might merc to pump up his damage more.


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For MF better better don't use energy shield, it can leave you with an empty mana bulb when you get swarmed while teleporting. Frost shield will freeze your enemies for a fraction of a second, enough to teleport away... except they are cold immune, of course.

Regarding the merc, better use a holy freeze merc (act 2 nightmare defansive). The slowing of HF affects even cold immunes (except for the minotaurs in act 5), so they will run into more of your spells. Your merc doesn't need to deal more damage, he just has to tank enemies until you took care about them. For a single element sorc it might be worth to add more offensive power to your merc, however.

To solve your mana problemsm, give your merc a polearm with the Insight runeword which has very low reqs if put into the right weapon. The runes are dirt cheap, so don't hesitate to put it into a seemingly crappy polearm, you can make a new one later.

The 20 points in frost bolt were wasted IMO. You probably invested into it to have an easier time at lower level. As I already wrote, it's better to use frozen orb for a dual element sorc (let's say cold/fire) and in that case you get along quite well with 1 point in fire bolt and use fireball as soon as you have it. At L30, switch to frozen orb and invest into it until it's maxed, it will take you through 95% of nightmare.


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Mumba, the point of a freeze merc was because of those cold immune monsters.

Kris, im not going to use energy shield, and my merc already has an insight, nor do I recall saying I have a mana problem.

Still everyone is missing the main point of my thread... What is some good cheap MF armour I can use to start off with, and possibly sell me some? Ive seen some good weapons like a spirit sword, and where could I possible find a sword to make the runeword?


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Popcornz, the postings here aren't just meant to answer your particular questions. They are also part of a discussion among all who participate. Of course, this is "your" thread, but as long as the topics aren't really OT (and I don't think they are), it's perfectly OK to make appropriate postings, in particular because this is the newcomer forum. A lot of newbies don't know about many other things regarding the game which might lead to asking the wrong questions, so covering related topics is not playing a smartass, but trying to be helpful.

Yes, you haven't mentioned a mana problem, but you also haven't said you have none. I don't know much about your character except for the skills setup. I heard for the very first time that your merc has an Insight weapon and that is a very important aspect with respect to many other equipment choices. If you know exactly what you want and you don't need advice on other topics, don't ask your questions in the newcomer forum where people assume they answer questions of newbies.

However, I think you are a newbie because of your skill selection and your question regarding MF items. There's nothing wrong with having chosen skills like that. The first few characters of nearly every player were more or less unusable on higher difficulty ratings as well.

MF armors (and prices on ladder Europe... it shouldn't be much different on US East/West, but I don't really know item values there):
  • 4 ptopaz armor (5 pgems)
  • Wealth runeword (Lem+Ko+Tir+3 socket armorl)
  • Skullder's (Pul)
  • Tal's armor (Mal... probably Um-HR on ladder US East/West), wear together with amulet and belt for an additional set bonus to MF (Ist) or the complete set (Ist as well, the other items' values are more or less irrelevant on comparison to the armor and the amulet), like I'm doing with my meteorb sorc
  • Enigma (2-3 HRs)... IMO that's a waste, but some people swear on using it on a sorc
  • Oculus (Lem-Pul)
  • +3 Eschuta's (Pul-Ist, depends on elemental damage bonus)
  • Spirit in a crystal sword (costs as much as the runes)
  • +2 cold Tal's orb (only when wearing the complete set)
It shouldn't be a problem to buy most of these items with the right amount of pgems or 1-2 lucky Hellforge drops. Check the trading forum of your realm.