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Before your first build-changing Legendary, what did you use..

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by altermaven, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. altermaven

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    Apr 22, 2014
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    I am going to be up-front and honest. Most people who run a character build do so with intent on late-game harvesting their respective sets. I was running well mostly-Fire Demon Hunter, with appropriate DH skills that dealt fire damage.

    My setup is this (LMB, RMB, 1, 2, 3, 4)

    Evasive Fire, Covering Fire (Increase side damage and do Fire)
    Chakram, Twin Chakram (I only used this when I got Walled off)
    Vault, Trail of Cinders
    Sentry, Polar Station
    Strafe, Rocket Storm or Multishot, Arsenal
    Rain of Vengeance, Anathema
    Passives: (Awareness, Blood Vengeance), Perfectionist, Custom Engineering
    The passives in parentheses don't change.

    My eventual goal was to work up to another one of those M6 folk, despite having full Aughild's right now.

    Was chatting amongst the IncE clan about the chakram quiver (Spines of Seething Hatred) as I got closer to 70, and indeed once I entered paragon path, a few bounties later it drops for me.

    So now, I am running two variations, mostly-Fire or mostly-Physical.

    Chakram, Twin Chakram
    Multishot, Arsenal
    Companion, Ferret Companion
    Sentry, Spitfire Turret
    Strafe, Rocket Storm (This can let me move through mobs)
    Rain of Vengeance, Flying Strike (If target mobs keep getting hit, that's freeze for 6 seconds! Otherwise, a single hit is 2-second freeze.)
    Passives: Ballistics, Perfectionist

    Chakram, Razor Disk (Best used if target at FARTHEST enemy)
    Multishot, Full Broadside (or Suppression Fire if I switch Companion for Shadow Power)
    Companion, Ferret Companion or Shadow Power, Shadow Glide
    Sentry, Polar Station
    Strafe, Stinging Steel
    Rain of Vengeance, Dark Cloud or Cluster Arrow, Shooting Stars
    Passives: Custom Engineering, either Perfectionist or Cull the Weak (but I've been running Perfectionist over this).

    Once I can get my hands on a Kridershot, I'll let go of my quiver, but not fully retire it (salvage it). That's when I'll be looking towards a bombadier's rucksack. Until then, my DH is content with T1 right now.

    What legendary did you acquire that made you rethink your build?

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