been a while


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been a while

but thought i would install diablo again and give it another go.
makeing a pala when i finish work and a friend of mine is giving me a full Griswolds set, just wondered what is the best road to go down?
im thinking zeal/fan or is this not good for this set?
im finding it hard to remember what other skills they are :undecided:
any help would be great.


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Re: been a while

I think full Gris would be perfect for elemental zealot with holy shock or with holy freeze. But if u want to go with physical dmg as main then u will have quite low dmg.
skills for fanatic zealot:
zeal 20
sacrifice 20
holy shield 20
fanaticism 20
rest into defiance
skills for elemental zealot with holy shock:
zeal 20
holy shock 20
sacrifice 1-20
resist lightning 20
holy shield 1-20
salvation 1-20
3 skills are optional, it depends which ones u choose to max, and do u want more def, more phys dmg or more light dmg


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Re: been a while

I think it's good for elemental zealot because of the empty sockets... Facets, ya know...