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Beast Zerker Axe FT!

Discussion in 'US West Standard - Ladder' started by Wolfpaq777, Oct 20, 2010.

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    Jun 9, 2004
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    Beast Zerker Axe FT!

    Hi Guys,

    Making this into it's own thread because this is easily the best item I've had so far this ladder.

    Beast (

    263 ED
    31 str
    3 attack rating (lol)

    I traded my good roll death colossus sword (thanks cosmonova!) for it when I found out death isn't so good for whirlwind, but I still want to be a sword barb! Beast does some pretty phenomenal things for me considering i have 0 points in axe mastery, but I just really want to be using swords.

    Here are the items I would consider trading it for:

    Lo, Ber or Jah
    Grief PB

    It's possible that I'm asking for way too much, but I'm pretty sure every frenzy barb wants this weapon, and it does require Ber & Mal to make. Let me know!


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