Bears don't seem as good as I thought they would be...

Androxine Vortex

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I just got zombie bears and I don't really find it that good. I understand that you need to position yourself to try to get them into a straight line but playing on Hell-Normal is pretty hard for m lv 56 WD because I always find myself taking a beating and having to run away/kite. Prior to unlocking zbears I was using plague bats and it was really useful because even when i had to run away, I could still deal damage as I kite.

I normally have a gargantuan out, soul harvest, spirit walk, splinters darts, plague bats/zombie bears, horrify (though horrify just seems to annoy people i play with online because they will be in the middle of killing enemies and then have to chase them down) sometimes I switch out for grasp of the dead.

Anyone care to give me some tips and advice? I've tried looking up other builds and did try to use a sacrifice dog w/ replenish mana rune but I just don't feel like the bears are as good as everyone says.

Androxine Vortex

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As of right now, my plan is to spirit walk in to mob, soul harvest and then spam bears. I also have grave injustice so I can swalk again with honored guest rune to regen mana. I also have circle of life out so zdogs will spawn and I can sacrifice them for mana. This actually works pretty well in Hell Act 2 but I have such a hard time taking down elites. I switched out gargantuan with jinx Hex but still having trouble. Any help please?


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I would hardly advice not to open up with Spirit Walk. But I play hardcore, so you might pull that off in softcore.
But still, Spirit Walk makes you invisible to mobs, they will not cluster up to you, which is bad for soul harvest.
I used the bears always with the 15% damage reduction passive, because you have to be close.
Think I went with something like!aTe!caccZa

Saw a guy on youtube, softcore with that:!aTY!caccYc

I personally prefer cloud of bats over the bears, but I guess you just have to try around what fits
your need. If your DPS is very good, I would recommend trying out Acid Cloud with Acid Rain.


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I prefer the Firebats to Zombie Bears because they're easier to use and can be used at close or longer ranges depending on which rune you're using. I alternate between Plague Bats or Cloud of Bats depending on what engagement range build I'm using. Have one build for close range and another build for longer range engagements, change based on what classes I'm rolling with.

Spirit Walking into mobs to SH, MC, BBV and CoB is an OK strategy in SC. Like to save Spriit Walk in HC in case I need to escape. Personally, I would go with Acid Rain or Grasp of the Dead instead of Horrify. And in groups, I would definitely use Big Bad Voodoo for the party DPS buff it gives in a pinch.

Doctor Clock

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Bears work best with the Grave Injustice passive so you can Spirit Walk as often as possible. You're also at that awkward level where the game is difficult if you aren't using the AH much or at all. However, Firebats (CoB or Plague) is better than Bears after being buffed.

When I used Bears, I would use Corpse Spiders Widowmaker rune for mana regen and alternate between Spiders and Bears while slowly scooting forward or backwards depending on the situation.