Diabloii.Net Member Woes!

Well, I lost my SoJ and a +1Lightning GC while muling when decided to go on vacation! ... and I couldnt find anyone to help. This leads me to my question for the forum:

What triggers to ban you for 5 minutes?
I've noticed that if I were to quickly change chars more than 4 or 5 times it might ban me. This is causing me to have anxiety anytime I try and self-mule (making a game and waiting for 5minutes etc).

Anyone else have this problem?
Any clue how to avoid these 'bans'?



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take ur tiem when muling, switchin chars too fast does cause them to burp u off the servers for a couple minutes(around 15 :/)


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I also had this scary problem when muleing. I was trying to give my rune mule some stuff and boom it bumbed me off for about ten to fifteen min. I read about this somewhere in the forum that they do this cause of charactor bots. So when I mule I make sure I wait about 5 to 10 second between switching charactors even though i get the jitters when I'm muling something rare like a high rune.


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As a general rule, I would suggest placing items in the far corners of town. Then you can bring in other characters. However, after the third character comes through, wait for an ADDITIONAL five minutes, and then continue the muling.

I've spent time reorganizing whole accounts full of mules (with many mules returning) without getting dropped. Maybe the detection involves activity in the game besides chat dialog. Everytime I move my characters and pick up stuff from far away, I never seem to get dropped. It might just be luck.


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I would say it is most important to do muling nice and slow. Switching chars too quickly really does seem to increase the chance of getting temporarily blocked.

-Backdoor Bandit


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I have 3 accounts and I have noticed that if i switch characters from differrent accounts I seem to be alright. Drop items from character in account #1, switch to character on account #2 and pick up what i can and then switch to character on account #3 and pick up the rest. I always alternate my characters from each account and never use two characters from the same account to enter/leave my game at a time. I have been doing this for about 3 weeks and so far I have never been booted.... :yep: